Happy Valentines Day my friends!


Valentine 1

Hope you have all enjoyed a nice day filled with lots of miles and smiles. My gift to myself today was 20 treadmill miles <3

Valentine 2


  1. Awesome run! :) Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Great run!! :) Hope the rest of your day was filled with love and happiness!! :)

  3. That 20 TM miles? Awesome mental training too! Happy VD :)

  4. 20 miles on the treadmill? You are a rock star! I can only stand to do about 5- I won’t complain about 8 next weekend then!

  5. Hello there!

    Nice run! I believe that if we really want to stay fit and healthy then we need to do some exercises and one of the best exercises I know is to run.

  6. I love the super cute heart formed with running shoes…are those shoes or just the soles?

  7. I love your picture of your running shoes in the shape of a heart! Very clever!

  8. Awesome! Job, wow 20 miles! I have just started running, and I have been feeling great after a mile run… I was a guy that didn´t move a feet. I just walked, but now, I have just turned 36, and I have been feeling the need to Run! so thanks for inspiring us!!! Thank You.

  9. Love the picture! The gift of exercise is one of the best we could ever give ourselves. Even if it hurts, the long term benefits are so worth it.

  10. I find these blogs very inspiring – reading through a few of these gives me motivation to go to the gym and run :)

  11. You’re amazing! I finally put a running event on the calendar for this spring. Suddenly, my TM runs are more bearable. I’m doing my best not to lose ground over the winter, but keeping up motivation has been HARD. I do not enjoy the treadmill! –Love your hearts and sparkles in the photo. =)

  12. Wow, 20 mile! I’m very impressed with your health and effort! Maybe late but i wish you and your boy friend have a happy valentine!

  13. It is so hard!! I need to sign up for some races too so I can stay motivated – hopefully warmer weather is on it’s way soon :)

  14. Thank you!!

  15. wow! 20 miles on treadmill! That’s dedication! :)

  16. I too believe running is the best gift we can give to our bodies! Running helped us manage our stress and stay in shape.

  17. Wow. 20 miles on the treadmill. I may be one of the few, but I haven’t set foot on a treadmill a day in my life. I run outside or I don’t run. I commend this effort. I’m afraid that I would lose focus and fall off the back. Is this 20 mile run training for an upcoming race, a marathon perhaps?

  18. Wow, I love the running shoes placed in snow (is that snow?) in the shape of a heart! And your headband with hearts! 😀
    I really like how more and more people take Valentine’s Day as a day to reflect primarily on their love for themselves. I think there’s no bad occasion for introspection, and with media forcing the idea of love and pushing holidays like this down our throats every year, it’s a fact that a little alone time is more than necessary.
    Hope you’re doing well!

  19. We just had our cupid undie run hear in Cleveland! I had to settle for my blue shoes! My wife’s pink ones didn’t quite fit 😉

  20. Great… I like it.

  21. I truly believe that you learn more about yourself running then playing or participating in any other sport. I love having conversations with friends and acquaintances who state, “I can’t run.” My response to them is always, “Yes, you can! Anyone can be a runner!” Running isn’t about being the fastest or the “best” runner it’s about finding inner peace and stability within your life. Running provides me an outlet to think, really think about my life and goals. Thank you for being a great inspiration to athletes and moms everywhere!

  22. 20 miles on treadmill! That’s super awesome, I must say you are a marathon powerhouse.
    Thumbs Up!

  23. Wow 20 miles on Treadmill.Nice motivation ,thanks for sharing that info and motivating us with ur Article and Love

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