My grandmother has for years been telling me that if you eat garbage your body will give you garbage. As a young child I laughed at this notion. How could something as tasty as ice cream cause some garbage later on? I didn’t get it. This morning my body taught me that maybe my grandmother knows a thing or two.

Last night before I went to bed I decided that I NEEDED – not wanted – but needed to eat some cookies. I packed up both kids who were already in their pjs and headed to the store. While there I figured I might also enjoy some diet soda as well. I used to live for diet root beer – I drank a couple each night. My husband realized how bad soda was for you – something I was just trying to forget about – and so we both quit cold turkey and no longer keep soda in the house.

While walking out I ran into another runner I know. She was there with her daughter picking up some fruit. HA. I suddenly felt sort of embarrassed by why I had dragged my kids to the store. I didn’t offer up what I was there getting. Inside I was secretly hoping she had not looked down and seen what was in my bags. This moment of shame did not stop me however from going home and baking said cookies! While putting them on the tray to cook I was bummed to realize that I had bought the extra large ones. I much prefer the little ones because I know I’m going to eat a million of them no matter what size they are – so at least if they are small I won’t be eating a days worth of calories in one snack!

Cookies ready and I eat 3! While this does not seem like a lot of cookies please remember these are the extra larges ones so I would say it was probably equal to 9. At this point I figure I’ve already gone over the edge for the day so why not just wash it all down with a diet soda?!?! Feeling full and on a sugar high I head to bed so I can wake up early and run.

Miles woke up at 5:40 and for once I didn’t really mind – I got him back to sleep and headed out for a run. Within minutes I realize that I had ruined my run last night. This was NOT going to be easy. I went for a painful 10 mile run. I could try and blame it on the heat or the humidity or the lack of caffeine but inside I know that I gave my body some – well okay a lot – of garbage last night. So it returned the favor.


  1. Melissa says:

    Hey!! I didn't know you had a blog…and about running, so neat! :) I just started running this summer and am going to do "a little" marathon with Reston in the fall.

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