Let me preface this little post with a disclaimer that all of my Kona posts are going to be in no particular order that makes any sense. I left Kona so crazy inspired by a sport that I literally KNEW NOTHING about two weeks ago. I’m posting posts, as I feel like it and as it comes to mind as a moment in time that affected me in some way!

While eating breakfast with some of the guys from Timex race morning, I yammered on about how incredible this all was and I couldn’t believe that I had never spectated an Ironman before. My mom has been telling me for years how awesome triathlons are and how Ironmans are incredible to watch even just on TV or a DVD. I stuck by my runner girl for life comments and thought they were cool for other people but really didn’t have a desire to get to know the sport. My inner desire to one day do an ironman was little more than a superficial desire to do one just to say I had done one. {YES I AM admitting this – it was a superficial goal that sounded cool – sort of like how people throw around the – I want to do Boston one day – but have zero plan of how they will do that and aren’t even taking steps in that direction}

My desire was like that of someone who runs a marathon ONCE and is one and done. Not that I am discounting someone’s desire to try something once and then never do it again, but I think most of you would agree that running marathons as part of your life or being a triathlete that has done multiple Ironmans is a completely different than someone who only wants to do it once and it does not become a part of who they are.

At breakfast Robin Barsantee from Timex told me to just wait until the day wore on. He said to find him and talk to him once it got dark and to then tell him how awesome all of this was. He said that Ironmans are always incredible to spectate but spectating at Kona is the best of the best – that as the day wore on it would only get better. He was right. Spectating at Kona was hands down the BEST sporting event I have ever been to in my life. I’m not sure anything could ever compete unless I was to spectate another Kona.

1991 2010

Having VIP access all week long made it even more incredible. To be feet away from the winners on race day is a feeling I can’t even describe. I used the word electric a lot over the weekend and it’s really the only word I can find right now that even comes close to describing the energy at the finish line. It was nothing compared to any marathon I’ve ever watched – not New York, not Boston, it was in a league of it’s own.2018

I’ll leave you with this little clip I took of Frederik Van Lierde at the finish line. I think his words though simple could not be truer.

He “tried to be smart and it worked out”

I also have the feeling that when he said he believed he could do this – that he could win – that he TRULY believed it. A really great lesson for marathoners and triathlete’s alike!


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  1. Wow this is really inspiring! I hope to one day be able to watch one of these. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to do one – but maybe after watching one it will light a fire in me! If it weren’t for that swimming I’d be all over it – :)

  2. AWESOME! And I like the randomness of these posts. I am sure that you have so many emotions, pictures, and thoughts to write about, that it is probably just best to go with it. VIP access ROCKS! 😉

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