I have been wanting to start writing about my “running thoughts” – my thoughts while running and my thoughts on running – for a while now but I was hung up on my first entry. I wanted it to be great. Memorable.

I have held off on writing it for fear that it would not live up to my expectations.

It was only today – on a run – that I realized that we place too much importance on our firsts – our first steps (which most of us probably don’t remember) – first teeth (they eventually fall out) – first car (mine was a 1988 Blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera) – first job (does anyone really like their first job?!) – and so on.

The important part of a first is not that it’s the best, the fastest, the most memorable, or even that you like it, It is that the first takes you to the second. Running like life is not about the first step, or even the last step, but about the steps along the way.

That being said – this is my first entry – and I’m looking forward to many more.



  1. This is so crazy to read! Little did you know at that time how many of your dreams you would accomplish, how many people you would inspire, how much your blog and all of your other businesses would grow. Such a good reminder to dream big!

  2. Thank you for re posting this.

    After reading it a few days ago, I finally kicked off my own after having similar thoughts for what feels like years. I’d never actually gotten around to making that first post as I couldn’t settle on the best first post.

    I just created my first post after reading this and your post about “Comparison Is the Thief of Joy”. What a great post! It helped me focus on what was most important, and what I am really trying to accomplish by creating my site.

    I’ve also heard it said “Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good”. We can often get so caught up in making it “perfect” that we miss all the “good” along the way. And more importantly, does perfection exist.

    Thank you!


  1. […] There are things about my life that are intentionally left out of my every day ramblings, noticeably my children and my husband. From time to time, I mention them as they relate to my running or working out, but for the most part I leave the details of them off of this space. This wasn’t something I always did BUT it is something I do now. I have grown since the beginning of this blog. […]

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