Post Race Bliss

Today I ran my first run back after the Potomac River Run Marathon. I took a full 6 days off from exercise of any type.

7 glorious, pain free miles today with my local running club.

For the first couple of days of rest I welcomed the break. I did not have to think about or worry about how I was going to fit in a run. I did not worry about whether Colton was going to nap so I could run on the treadmill or if both boys would be calm enough for a double stroller run. I welcomed the mental break as much as the physical break.

Friday night it all became too much for my mind to handle. I needed to run for my mental sanity.

It is hard for me at times finding a balance with running. I love everything about it – long runs, slow runs, tempo runs, runs for no reason, runs for a specific reason, runs that clear your head, and runs that fill it up. I love racing. I love 5K’s, 10K’s, back to back marathons, races of any distance. I love relays and PR’s. I love sweating and sports bra tan lines.

This makes it hard at times to balance my goals, with my wants, with my desires.

I wanted to run last week. I wanted to move my body.


I want PR’s more. Those only come when I allow my body to rest and recover fully.

It sometimes takes more willpower to tell myself to not run then it does to tell myself to run.

There will come a time in my life when personal records are not one of my running goals. For now getting faster tops the list of what I want to do in running. So for now I must give up the junk miles, I must give up wanting to move 7 days a week, I must give up races every weekend, in order to focus on my larger goal.

What are you goals? Do you have a hard time balancing all the aspects of running you like?


  1. says:

    I feel the exact same way. I ran a marathon last Sunday and by Friday I was going stir crazy with no running. I did an easy run on Friday but my quad was screaming that it's too soon. I took this entire weekend off from running and I plan to start again tomorrow. I know I need a break but can't help myself :)

  2. Glad your first run back went well. A runner's body definitely needs rest. I have recently learned this the hard way and am paying for it with a stress fracture. :-( So many times, as runners we just keep pushing and pushing our bodies and forget to let it rest. When I start back I am going to be better about this! Your body has definitely worked hard these past few weeks/ months and I'm sure taking this time off will make you even stronger.

  3. Michelle says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I felt great after my Eugene marathon and "thought" I was looking forward to no running for a whole week! But, by Wednesday I was going stir crazy! I went on a long walk. Thursday I took a slow run and I haven't stopped since. I am enjoying just running without a plan for a while and I know my family enjoyed the break too. I'm sure that soon enough I will be yearning for a training plan again!

  4. David H. says:

    Nice job giving yourself the time (and patience) to take a recovery. So hard to do.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Glad you gave yourself some recovery time. The balance between working hard and recovering is always tough to strike. Wishing you many PRs in the near future!

  6. Allison says:

    I struggle to find balance with it all (kids, work, grad school, running). Right now I am 9 days out from a marathon and feel LOST without a training plan for my next race (in September). And all I can do is think about how I need to get faster!!!

  7. You are so inspiring! I can't believe you are running marathons 6 months post partum! I hope to run my first marathon this year. I've done 4 halves and countless 5 and 10 k's. I'd love any tips you have for a first rime marathoner, especially anything you wish you had known before running your first!

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