I’m a giant nail polish geek, owning more shades than I could possibly wear in a month. This morning at Target it took all of my *I’m not spending any money on things I don’t need* will power to not buy all of the new limited edition colors from Essie with fitness inspired names. Never mind the fact that I probably have a shade similar to all of them – a rose colored nail polish is THAT much better with a name like marathin.

From the limited selection left at my Target I guessing there is certainly more than one nail polish loving marathoner living in my town.

You can find this limited edition collection that includes, marathin, gym dandy, boxer shorts, yogaga, and pilates hottie in stores at your local Target or online at Macy’s.

Is there a nail polish color you like simply because it has a cool name or do names mean nothing to you?


*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Target, Macy’s or Essie – I just love nail polish.


  1. Love it! Now I will be heading to the nail polish aisle next time I am at Target.

  2. I had a college friend, Jen, who passed away from a rare stomach cancer last summer at the ripe young age of 40. She loved spinning classes and started an amazing giant spinning class fundraiser (Cycle for Survival) that has raised over $10m to go towards rare cancer research!

    Anyway, when I was at the fundraiser last February, OPI (the nail polish company) had developed a blue nail polish in her honor. They named it Fearless. Because that is how Jen lived her life. Without fear. So although names don’t usually mean anything to me, I love the Fearless name and color. :)

  3. I was tempted–though the misspelling disturbs me–but I think the marathon color should be dark purple…better to hide blackened toenails. :)

  4. Totally love nail polishes that have names. I probably show my nails to people more often if it has a cool name. lol

  5. I love nail polish regardless, but a good name will probably make me buy it even if I have something similar. Now I have to go to Target!! (Darn the luck)

  6. Great, now there’s just one more thing I need to avoid at Target! Okay fine, I’ll get one or two :)

  7. Was just gifted OPI’s “Berlin There Done That” and I LOVE it! A muted-greyish tone and it’s perfect for fingers!

  8. We are nail polish junkies!!! Beth currently loves ALL the colors in the OPI Holland collection since Holland will be her new last name when she gets married in October and Teal loves her OPI Ski Teal We Drop! =) Ha….apparently we love polishes that have to do with our specific names!

  9. Love love Essie lately. I want that Marathin polish!! Such a pretty hue!

  10. P.S. I have trouble saying no to things I want but don’t need too 😛

  11. I’m a total nail polish geek, too and I love Essie polishes. I’m definitely going to have to check these out! I generally don’t pay attention to the names of the colors, but I think I’ve probably bought a bottle of OPI or Essie polish based on the name.

  12. So cute! I am going to have to take a trip to Target and check out the cute colors & names tomorrow!

  13. Gah. Gonna have to hit up Target. I never wore nail polish until I had our daughter. Now we have about 15+ bottles. *sigh*

  14. Why would they spell it wrong? That’s weird.

    I love nail polish but I buy the cheapie $1.99 sinful colors stuff. No guilt, it’s less than a Starbucks coffee. I have twenty, I need to stop now. And I’m not that influenced by names but am a sucker for a new colour. The only time I was nearly sucked in by names was when someone released a Hunger Games range for all the different districts. But I managed to resist! Still proud of that!

  15. Love the names but alas no Target in England! Although, over here Rouge Noir is the only colour that counts!

  16. Very cute! I think the second best thing to getting your nails painted is the punny/tongue-in-cheek names for all the polishes!

  17. oh man…there is nothing I love more than essie nail polish…

  18. Anonymous says:

    They didn’t spell it wrong!! I think it’s playing with words, implying that marathons makes you thin!! My guess though.

  19. I love the names, but that ‘marathin’ name is just not cute, imo!

  20. Love essie’s Pilates Hottie!

  21. VERY cool! I would buy these just for the name (in fact, I might…..).

    Thank you for sharing!

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