Of all the goodies we got at Hood To Coast my Endorphin Warrior bracelet was among my favorite.
This simple leather and nickel plated bracelet can be worn while you are working it. The more you sweat, the better. I have barely taken mine off since I raced and it still looks as good as the day I put it on.

I am a huge believer in the MIND. What do I mean by this? I think our mind serves to help us or to hurt us. It can help us run father or it can be a road block in the way. It can tell you YOU can do this or it can make you doubt your abilities and tell you to stop. It is your choice how you choose to control your mind. What the mind believes the body does.
Part of my mind keeps telling me, there is no way it is ever possible to run a 3:10 marathon. It is not humanly possible to go from a 4:20 to a 3:10 in one life time. The other part of my mind tells me that I have done the hard work, I hit the training and racing paces, and that the only thing stopping me from getting a 3:10 in the near future is the other voice in my head.
This is where the bracelet has helped me. I have two of them. BELIEVE and STRENGTH. On days I am feeling particularly weak I take off my believe and put on strength. No the bracelet does not have magic powers, but I’d venture to say the mind sort of does. I look down at this word while running and remember that I am strong. I have strength. My strength comes from an eternal well that does not run dry.

On days I am excited to run I switch out strength for believe. I need to believe in my training. I need to believe in myself. I need believe that the plan set out for my life is the perfect one whether or not I achieve a 3:10.

I honestly thought the bracelet was cute and knew I was going to wear it as soon as I got it. I never thought that it would actually help me.

I know many of you can relate to the mind-empty that seems to happen when you are very exhausted at the end of a longer run. It’s hard to even form sentences at times. Your body is using all its energy to put one foot in front of the other. I can not remember verses or quotes I’ve memorized. It’s as if everything leaves my mind and my whole body is focused on getting to the finish line, real or literal. When I feel this way I look down at the ONE word I need in that moment. BELIEVE. STRENGTH.
If you would like to buy an Endorphin Warrior Bracelet they are only $20. There are many products I test out, like, but am not sure I would really spend the money on. I would and will buy more of these for myself and my friends!

ONE lucky reader of Mile Posts will WIN a bracelet size and phrase of their choice!

Here’s how to enter:
*You must be a follower of my blog to win. Contest ends on 9.26.2011 because I like days that have 26.2 in them!

Here’s how to enter: [please leave a separate comment for each entry]

Visit the Endorphin Warrior website and tell me what phrase or word you would pick if you won.

Extra entries:

If you told me what bracelet you want to win, but want more ways to win here is how:

1. Follow Endorphin Warrior on twitter and tweet: I want to win the @endorphnwarrior giveaway from @mileposts
2. LIKE Endorphin Warrior on Facebook – leave a comment “I want to win a Endorphin Warrior Bracelet from Mile Posts http://www.mile-posts.com/
3. Follow Mile Posts on twitter @mileposts
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**Winner will receive 1 Endorphin Warrior training bracelet in a size and saying of their choice. Contest ends on 9/26/11 – winner will be notified via blog post shortly thereafter and has 2 weeks to claim their prize before a back up winner is chosen. I will verify that you are a follower of my blog.


  1. S Club Mama says:

    I'd pick something (either a leather cuff or cuff bracelet) with believe…I think…lol

  2. S Club Mama says:
  3. S Club Mama says:

    I follow EW on FB & told them you sent me (https://www.facebook.com/EndorphinWarrior/posts/220888767965070)

  4. S Club Mama says:

    I follow you on Twitter (@sclubmama)

  5. S Club Mama says:

    I like you on FB (Randi S)

  6. Jessica K (@irun26at8) says:

    I would love the "CONQUER" bracelet!

  7. Jessica K (@irun26at8) says:

    I follow @endorphnwarrior on twitter and just tweeted, "I want to win the @endorphnwarrior giveaway from @mileposts"

  8. Jessica K (@irun26at8) says:

    I "liked" Endorphin Warrior on Facebook and left a comment, "I want to win a Endorphin Warrior Bracelet from Mile Posts"

  9. Jessica K (@irun26at8) says:

    I follow Mile Posts on twitter.

  10. Jessica K (@irun26at8) says:

    I "like" Mile Posts on Facebook!

  11. I would pick the "Focus" bracelet and would wear it in my upcoming (first ever) marathon! I feel like it would help me stay calm and relaxed when I typically start to panic.

  12. I followed you on Twitter (runkatie).

  13. I would get the "Conquer" or the "13.1" to help me train for my upcoming half marathon because I'm conquering all sorts of dreams, expectations and challenges and I WILL RUN 13.1.

  14. I follow you on Twitter!

  15. I follow you on Facebook as well.

  16. I follow Endorphin Warrior on twitter and tweeted the message :-)

  17. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I like Persevere or Believe!

  18. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I follow you on FB.

  19. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I tweeted.

  20. I would have to go with persevere, it really is my motto. Running hasn't come easy and I have to tell myself every day to keep going.

  21. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter.

  22. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    I follow Mile Posts on Twitter.

  23. Suz and Allan says:

    Unbreakable is my favorite warrior bracelet

  24. SupermomE12 says:

    I love love love these bracelets and I would definitely pick the one that says Strength. Running has helped me find my strength in so very many ways!

  25. Suz and Allan says:

    Following EW on Twitter and tweeted about your giveaway

  26. SupermomE12 says:

    I follow your blog of course :)

  27. Suz and Allan says:

    Already following you on twitter

  28. Suz and Allan says:

    Already like your fb page

  29. SupermomE12 says:

    I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and I tweeted :)

  30. Suz and Allan says:

    Like EW on fb and wrote on their wall about your giveaway!

  31. SupermomE12 says:

    I liked Endorphin Warrior on Facebook and left a message

  32. SupermomE12 says:

    I follow mileposts on Twitter

  33. SupermomE12 says:

    I follow mileposts on Facebook

  34. 2chickschallenge says:

    I would totally get the "Persevere" braclet. These Braclets are so cool.

  35. Miss Erosion says:

    These bracelets are awesome!! I'd either get strength or swim bike run

  36. Miss Erosion says:

    Already a blog follower.

  37. I really like the Believe bracelet

  38. I like EW ON FB


  40. 2chickschallenge says:

    I twittered Endorphin and Mile Posts

  41. 2chickschallenge says:

    I like Endorphin on FB

  42. 2chickschallenge says:

    I follow Mile Post on Twitter (as Allisoneisen)

  43. 2chickschallenge says:

    I like Mile Posts on FB (I was the 600th follower!) (Allison Eisen)

  44. I love TRANSCEND… it has always been a favorite word of mine.

  45. I follow you on Twitter.

  46. I follow Endorphin Warrior on Twitter and I wtweeted your giveaway.

  47. Carolina John says:

    I liked endorphin warrior on FB and left a comment

  48. Carolina John says:

    I follow mile posts on facebook. And I like the Unbreakable and Focus bracelets. If they had a "Balance" one that would be a winner too.

  49. I am a follower. Persevere leather cuff, I would wear it all of the time!

  50. I would pick the bracelet with Believe on it or 13.1 or 26.2 – tough choice! I am a follower and thanks for a great giveaway!

  51. Following Endorphin Warrion on Twitter and tweeted I want to win the @endorphnwarrior giveaway from @mileposts! @wordstorunby

  52. I Like Endorphin Warrior on FB and left the comment on their page.

  53. I follow @mileposts on Twitter

  54. I follow Mile Posts on FB too.

  55. Holly from Leaps of Faith says:


  56. Holly from Leaps of Faith says:

    Following @endorphinwarrior on twitter

  57. Holly from Leaps of Faith says:


  58. I would love to win a "fearless" bracelet. I think it expresses how I feel when I'm running: like I'm strong enough to overcome anything that scares me.

  59. Danielle112 says:

    I think I'd pick the Believe bracelet. I know I have strength. But I have to Believe in my strength in order to get through not only my runs, but all the craziness life throws at me ;) This is such a great give away, thanks Dorothy!

  60. I'm a follower!

  61. "I conquer"!!!!

  62. I'm following endorphin warrior on twitter & tweeted!

  63. I'm following Endorphin warrior on fb & commented!!!

  64. I like Believe or relentless..both awesome reminders.

  65. I follow you on Twitter!

  66. I follow Endorphin Warrior on fb!

  67. I like you on fb :)

  68. I follow you on fb!

  69. I would pick "Conquer"

  70. I follow Mile Posts on Twitter

  71. I follow Mile Posts on Facebook

  72. Oh gosh I want one of these sooo bad! I follow you

  73. I follow you on FB

  74. I follow you on Twitter

  75. I followed them on Twitter and Tweeted

  76. I went to their wall and liked and posted

  77. I don't know which one to pick relentless, 26.2, perservere, relentless eeek…so many choices

  78. And of course I follow you on Twitter, too.

  79. I Like FOCUS and BELIEVE

  80. i follow you on fb

  81. i follow ew on fb and posted

  82. blog follower! runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  83. i would pick "strength" for my bracelet runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  84. I follow both of you on twitter and tweeted. I would pick believe or transcend. I love believe and have a necklace..but really like transcend too…

  85. i liked EW on fb and left the message

  86. I would pick either persevere or relentless, what great choices they list out!!

  87. I follow them on twitter!

  88. I like endorphin warrior on FB and I told them you sent me!

  89. I follow you on twitter! (@nello33)

  90. I "like" Mile Posts on FB!

  91. Oh – and I tweeted :)

  92. So many good words… today I would choose "Fearless".

  93. Tweeted! (@knitterphd)

  94. I follow you on twitter (@knitterphd)

  95. I follow you on facebook (Jody U.)

  96. Commented on facebook (Jody U.)

  97. I would pick Unbreakable! :)

  98. I follow you and I would either pick…




  99. did the twitter thing :)

  100. did the EW FB thing :)

  101. already follow you on twitter!

  102. I am a FB liker of MilePosts!

  103. I love the believe bracelet

  104. Wow, these bracelets are really cool. I would choose "Persevere", I often use that word to describe my running mindset.

  105. I would choose "Focus". I say it to myself during training and races.

  106. I liked EW on FB and posted on their wall that you sent me.

  107. I followed EW on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway

  108. already follow you on twitter

  109. already follow you on FB

  110. If I won I would want the bracelet: BELIEVE

  111. I follow you on FB

  112. I would choose PERSEVERE.

  113. I'm now following you on Twitter!

  114. I'm now following Endorphin Warrior on Facebook.

  115. I'm now following you on FB!

  116. I would go with either Conquer or Focus. I need both, so if I win one I'll buy the other! :)

  117. Mountain Momma Runner says:

    relentless, because i am relentless in my pursuit of speed!!

  118. Nicole Wagner says:

    I have NEVER entered a giveaway but I am INLOVE with those bracelets and I think what you suggest to the mind is SO powerful! I would choose "persevere" or "Conquer". I think Either one would help me in my next marathon!

  119. Nicole Wagner says:

    I signed up for TWITTER just so I could follow you and enter this giveaway:)

  120. Nicole Wagner says:

    I left a comment on FB for Endorphin Warriors and liked their page

  121. Nicole Wagner says:

    I liked your FB page:)

  122. I want one of these SO BAD! I would definitely pick Persevere!

  123. I liked your FB page!

  124. I follow you on twitter!

  125. I posted on the Endorphin's facebook page!

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