I have a love/hate relationship with getting *dressed* for the day.

I like putting on normal [read non-running clothes] so I feel better about myself but at the same time some days it REALLY take a ton of energy to do so.

If you aren’t a mom that statement will probably not make any sense to you.

There are a million and one things I need to get finished in a day. Most days something has to give and typically the first thing to go is caring what I look like.

I had this image of how life was going to be like as a stay at home. I imagined reading books during nap time. Waking up before the kids got up – getting dressed for the day in cute outfits and having play dates with my other mommy friends.

Let’s just say that NONE of that happens. I don’t get dressed cute [read clothing that makes me look like the mom rather than the babysitter]. Play dates rarely happen and I certainly DO NOT READ during nap time.

Most recently I’ve been trying to *get dressed* more to lift my self-esteem spirits [everyone has self esteem issues even those that act like they are perfect or full of confidence] and to STOP me from overeating. If you are wearing stretchy pants all day then it’s more likely you are going to eat more than if you were wearing tight jeans. [okay you don’t do this? Well I do.]

Aventura is this cute little clothing company that I’ve been liking lately. The clothing is comfortable – so I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage. I also feel more dressy then just walking around in my sweats.

I REALLY like hats and bought two Aventura ones on The Clymb and have been pretty much obsessed with them ever since. They are also perfect for hiding my – I didn’t bother to wash my hair post run because my not yet two year old was screaming in his crib at 6 am hair.

Once of the things I love about Aventura is that even though at first glance it might look like it’s for an older woman [yes I’m 30 – I get it that I’m old by some standards – but I feel young – don’t judge] there really are cute clothes for all ages. The fit is great and I may just never take off this Daphne Long Sleeve I’m wearing. It’s made with organic cotton so I feel good about wearing it too.

Have you heard of Aventura Clothing? Do you like their stuff? Visit their website here — http://www.aventuraclothing.com/

Aurora Knit Hat

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  1. So funny to read about your vision of life as a stay at home mom…reading during nap time, wearing cute clothes, having play dates, etc. I thought all the same things and yet have never done any of those things! Well, I guess every once in a while (date night?), I search through my closet for something that isn’t my staple yoga pants and lululemon long-sleeve shirt.

    Those hats all look so cute on you! And they would be great for hiding my unwashed hair, too. :)

  2. I know what you mean about SAHM life being much different, though worth it! I haven’t spent time reading in FAR too long! I also try to dress nice to feel great throughout the day. I’ve been on a kick with dressing cute lately! I usually stick with Banana Republic with some cheap, cute Forever 21 mixed in!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Most days I’m in my Old Navy yoga pants and a t-shirt! My hair is constantly pulled back and on the rare occasion that I actually dry/flat iron it, everyone comments on how I look so different and what have I done. I always tell them that I actually took a shower! Being a stay at home mom is definitely not as glamorous as some people make it look (esp celebraties!). But of course, I love it. :)

    I also love your honesty about everything. What we do is hard and most days are challenging but we make the most of it b/c all too soon the kiddos will be grown!

    BTW, when you say you’ve gained a few lbs, I can NEVER tell in your pics. You are so stinking cute!


  4. Sounds like me! I’m lucky to put a bra on most days. Ha! Super cute clothes and you look fantastic in them!

  5. I am a mom of a 6 and 9 year old. Recently divorced so make that a newly single mom. I work 50 hours/week and run 30-35 miles per week. And let me tell you…I ALWAYS care what I look like. I make looking good a priority because when you look good, you feel good. And happy mom makes happy home.

  6. I have literally just become obsessed with putting on proper clothes…I’m deciding what clothes I need to buy for the winter and it occurred to me that I have NO idea what is ‘in’ these days, or even what I want to wear myself. But i know exactly which running clothes I want to buy!!

  7. The only reason I get dressed is because I have to go to work but I think if I was a stay at home mom, I wouldn’t even attempt getting dressed. I was a stay at home mom for a year when my daughter was born and there’s a lot to do. I totally feel you 100%

  8. I really, really like Adventura. Yesterday we returned from a 4-day camping/hiking trip to Michigan’s UP, and my Adventura Shelton pants are the only things I packed (well…two pair!). They are comfy like yoga pants, but look and feel like soft cargos. I also live in one of their corduroy skirts in the winter. It’s my 3rd season in it – they might be a tad on the expensive side, but totally worth the $. I may have to look into those hats…so cute!

  9. I work out of the house, but weekends are spent in workout clothes! Who am I kidding, I’ve gone to work with peanut butter and spit up on my shirt. But it always feel good to put on makeup or wear new clothes. I love those hats though! I’m such a hat person.

  10. I am with you on this one. I actually was injured recently and since I couldn’t run (and therefore didn’t need to wash my hair every day!), I forced myself to get up before the kids and put on make-up and grown up clothes. I found I wanted to get out of the house more (we live in nyc, so I see people every where we go) and wouldn’t eat as much. I actually ended up losing the last baby weight I had this way, even though I couldn’t run! And I really love your hats in the pictures – such a great option for looking cute when you don’t want to worry with your hair. :)

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