Made it through last week and feel stronger for it. Unfortunately this week has started out with a bang, literally, as Miles has a concussion and is home from school resting today. Never a dull moment around here. He is going to be fine but has to take it easy for the next ten days as we watch him and make sure there are no new symptoms. Nothing like freaking me out on a Monday afternoon…..thankfully I have little Miss Chloe Raine by my side when situations like this arise. She jumps into mini mom mode and helps me out. She always remains extremely calm – a valuable trait in life that she certainly did not get from me {atleast I can be honest with myself about my shortcomings – right?!}.


Competitor just release a video of Danielle and I from our time in LA! I love being able to relive that moment in time and truly feel blessed to have been chosen to work with her and Saucony on this project!!

The video of Jenny and her sister Brittany was just released yesterday!!! I got to run with Jenny a couple of years ago at Hood To Coast and absolutely loved her. It was extra fun to get to reunite with her again when we were in California. Her and her sister are also running Honolulu Marathon along with a couple other of the 26 Strong Teams. If you haven’t checked out the Saucony 26 Strong website here is the link —

And right as I was writing this post they released the 3rd video of Bridget and Lora!! Bridget finished her first marathon, Chicago Marathon, this month – while Lora cheered her on around the course.


Sometimes when I re-read my posts weeks later they feel cheesy – but I write what I feel and what I feel is that I am thankful for all of those people who have along the way believed in me for one reason or another. I have waves in life and in the downswings I find myself not believing I am capable of a thing, it’s these people that help bring me out of it and help me remember that ALL things are possible with hard work. 2014 has not been easy for me, for many reasons that I may one day discuss or not, but either way, I’m thankful for all of the memories – good and bad. The good ones keep me going and the bad ones remind me that as a friend told me “it’s always darkest before dawn.” Here is to finding my strong year after year and mile after mile.


  1. Those video shoots look like a blast!!
    And…cheesy is good:)

  2. Watching these made my day! Can we go back and do it again, please? (Also, I look sooooo beautiful in the still shot haha)

  3. Krystin C. says:

    Sounds like everyone had a blast!! Hope your little man heals up fast!

  4. I hope your little one gets better fast! It’s nice that you have a little helper to take care of him though!

  5. Love you friend.

  6. “Every storm runs out of rain.” :)xoxo

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