7 easy miles was the goal for yesterday. Steady pace, not pushing, but not putzing along.

Two of my littles didn’t have school so I knew the only way a run was happening was if I made myself go when Eric got home from work. For some reason it’s one of the times I like running solo the least, but I can’t be picky about when I fit in a run – I just have to do it.

Out and back run. Stopped quickly at the top to take a picture. Construction has made this section a mess but I still love it. I thought the beauty of the sky and the mountains in the background were a contrast to the mess. I hope by next year this will all be finished, the grass will have grown and it will be somewhat peaceful up here.


I felt great after mile 4, my legs found a good groove and I felt fit, if only for a little.

By 6.5 I started to feel dizzy. I really thought I was past this, or maybe I just had hoped I was past this. When it hasn’t happened in a while I even question if it is that bad when it happens. It’s like my mind blocks it out, then it happens and I’m like NOPE just as bad as I thought.

I’m not even sure what is causing it. I ran through all the things I had done, eaten or drank in the past few days to see if it was something different.

I had wine Saturday night – was it that?

In my happy wine driven state I ate chicken and I’m pretty sure it had to have been dusted in wheat – was it that? And why did I eat that chicken? I knew I shouldn’t. Ugh wine.

I had coffee yesterday, 4 shots of espresso, to be exact, with whipping cream. Not all at once, but that’s a lot for me, especially since I have mostly stopped drinking coffee. Is the caffeine hurting my stomach?

By 6.8 I felt like I was going to tip over. I stopped and didn’t fall, so I quickly decided to just finished the last .2 and deal with the misery in 2 minutes. I walked 5 minutes home and the laid on my porch. The world felt like it was spinning and I really wanted to puke. I sat outside for 10 minutes feeling sorry for myself in the dark. Always easier to deal with this alone than with little people at your feet.

Run 11-2

Went upstairs and curled up in a ball on my bathroom floor {the dizziness hadn’t gone away} feeling sad that a perfectly good run had ended like this.

I decided to take a hot Epsom Salt bath for my hip that has been pestering me lately.

This isn’t me. This doesn’t feel like my body.

Everyone has with sh*t in their life, this just happens to be part of mine. I’ll deal with it.

I’m going to go back to writing down everything I eat and drink to see if I can see any patterns. I’m going to force myself to drink more water in hopes that maybe it was just dehydration from drinking this past weekend. That really is the only thing that both Marine Corps 10K weekend and this run have in common – not enough water.

In my mind I try to search for the positive in every situation. The positive of this is that I didn’t get dizzy during Ragnar last month. It would suck, but you can walk off a half marathon or 10K course, there is no walking off in a relay. I would have been in the dark, cold rain, with no phone and no one in sight and would have had to walk to the exchange miles and miles away. There is always a silver lining.



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