For the past ten years I’ve been adding my race medals to a bucket.

Always on my to-do list was to purchase a medal holder but each and every time I went to look at the various different holders online – I either didn’t love them or didn’t want to fork over $50 for one.Marathon Medal Holder 2

This morning I ran to target and bought a black curtain rod for $16.99

Inexpensive. Effective. Fast.

I have 34 medals hanging. 26 marathons, a relay and a couple of other races.

I’ve only ever kept track of how many marathons I’ve run so I didn’t even realize how many medals I had!! Going to head to target to get another rod for the other wall in my office to hang more medals I’ve accumulated over the years.

Marathon Medal Holder 1

How do you display your medals?


  1. I love this idea! It’s simple, inexpensive and makes a great display. My tiny medal hanger is almost filled, when it’s time to upgrade I’ll have to remember this :)

    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. I love this idea! My husband has a ton of medals and we have run out of room on his medal hanger! This looks like a great idea to help!

  3. Awesome idea!! I think my daughter is going to end up with more medals than i ever will, she would be thrilled to see something like this in her room!

  4. I have my husband’s and my medals displayed the very same way… only I got our black cafe rods at Home Depot! :-) It’s way cheaper than buying the medal holders at the race expos, and the cafe rods expand to hold more as your medal collection grows!

  5. GTFO!!!!! I was totally going to do a DIY medal hanger post, too! Great…now I’ll just look like a #bigfatcopycat if I do one. Mine was going to be a VLOG though…take a board, get some nails and a hammer… BOOM.BOOM.BOOM. Yours is definitely faster (and quieter) though probably a lot more expensive…unless I went with a polished ebony board and imported nails. My medals are all in a box that is either in the closet or the garage. My dad gave me a really beautiful leather medal case for my PanAm Games one, but even that is in the semi-lost box.

  6. LOVE this idea. Right now my medals hang from my over-the-door mirror. I’d like to think they inspire me every time I check myself out in the mirror, but the reality is they just clang and make a ton of noise any time that door is closed! My best friend and her boyfriend have a “brag” wall in their apartment that is full of their medals from all of their marathons and triathlons. It’s impressive and one day I hope to come close to their medal total.

    Question – what do you do with posters from races? I have quite a few and right now they’re just hanging out in a closet.

  7. Love love this idea! And I think you can showcase more bling this way than the traditional medal hangers.

  8. I’m also not willing to buy expensive medal holders and then they can only hold a few medals. You idea is genius!!!

  9. I hope you don’t mind, but I blogged about this post over at my blog:

  10. I have a purchased medal hanger that I received as a Christmas gift but have recently started making bib and medal hangers. I enjoy finding just the right items and sayings for each one. :-)

    Yours looks great!

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