There are good days and there are not so good days. There are not so good days and there are days that are plain bad. There are some days that are good, not so good, and down right bad all at the same time. Today is one of those days.

I woke up to my son yelling in my ear that there were yuckies in his bed. What?! I dragged myself out of bed because I stayed up way past my bedtime last night – I took small steps toward what felt like a long hallway[it’s not] and I smelled it. UGH. Throw up.

I will never understand how Miles can throw up in the middle of the night, not cry and then sleep in it. My only guess is that he feels so bad he can not even muster up a cry. I don’t really know but it’s a gross way to wake up.

Saturdays are normally long run days, but hubby has been out of town for a couple of days, so it was just me and the kids. I tried to convince them to go running but they did not want to go. I did not push it because I already semi felt like a bad mom that I was taking a sick kid running. I told myself it was okay because the fresh air would be good for him.

There was a giant yard sale in my town this morning that we all LOVE. I wanted to go/didn’t want to go. It has been raining for a couple of days so I knew it would be a muddy mess. The kids wanted to go.

I picked up my childhood best friend, who recently moved a mile away from me. [She did not know where I lived, so this was not on purpose] We headed to the sale. I smelled it. Throw up again and again and again and again. I turned the car right around to take Miles home. The car was disgusting, the car seat a mess – I did not even want to touch him.

After getting him cleaned up and knowing there was nothing left in his little stomach, I asked him if he wanted to sleep and rest at home or go to the yard sale. He said yard sale. So we went. It was a good day because I really enjoy hanging out with my best friend. We are getting to know each other again after years of being semi out of touch with only occasional phone calls.

I smelled it. Baby C. Honestly there is only so much poop and throw up a person wants to clean up before they loose their mind. It was disgusting. When I got home, his clothes went straight into a bag – he went straight into the bath.

The yard sale was a bust other than this awesome vintage frame I bought for $1. I’ll be showing you what I plan on using it for later this week. This Mama Makes Stuff, one of my teammates from Hood To Coast, has inspired me to get back to my crafting roots. Maybe I should just say it was a bust for my kids – No My Little Pony, no Spiderman.

I feel blah. 

I had a crappy 4 mile treadmill run yesterday because it was pouring rain all day. I could barely muster anything below a 9 min pace. Today I did not run. I went to put on my favorite boyfriend jeans that *hello are supposed to be baggy* because they are boyfriend jeans, and they felt tight.[JCrew how I love thee….vintage & slim? YES please] So tight I had to take them off.

I’ve gained weight. I realize that this seems ridiculous to most of you. I mean what’s a few pounds here and there – I’ll eventually loose it. If you have ever been overweight though you know that a few pounds scare you, they make you think something catastrophic is about to happen. You think that this is the beginning of the end, that you are slipping back into your old body. You don’t want the old body. You like the new body. You want the new body.

I know I’m fitter than ever, even though my mind is telling me I’m not. I know I’m not overweight, even though my mind is telling me I am.

Today is one of those days that is getting me down. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s long run! I have company for the the entire run, for the first time in a long time. I can’t wait to sweat out what’s getting me down and I’m looking forward to hubby coming home today so I have someone else other than my best friend to help me with the poop and throw up.


  1. So sorry you have had a crappy day. Tomorrow will be better! Take care!!

  2. Sorry for the yucky day! Deep breath… Praying for healing in your household and that the rest of your day would be filled with blessings of rainy day snuggles.

  3. I want to give you a hug! Sorry it's been a rough day. Hopefully yo feel better now that you've written your feelngs out.

  4. Marisa @ The Pace of my Life says:

    Hang it there! Hope your day gets better!!

  5. Suz and Allan says:

    So sorry you are having such a rough day! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  6. Oh man…I can feel the crappy day from here! So sorry Dorothy…we don't have kids yet so it makes my head spin to think of you with three on your own and with one of them sick! Wow…moms are the most amazing. :) I know how you feel – it's hard to complain about some weight gain when you're so fit and some people might roll their eyes, but it happens to all of us! And I think all of us are affected in much the same way – we get down, we feel blah. I'm in a similar spot right now with a few pounds – I just need to let it go. Those jeans will fit again. And I hope your home becomes sick free soon! Enjoy tomorrow's long run, time with a running buddy, and reuniting with your husband. :)

  7. Agh that sounds like a really draining day, I hope that little man feels better soon and that you have an awesome run. Big hugs xxx

  8. I will never forget days like those. In many ways, they are mentally more challenging than a hard run ever is. You are "on" for as many hours as they are sick. It is hard. I'm sorry. I hope that you are able to enjoy your long run tomorrow. Run slow so it lasts a little bit longer! :) Thinking of you!

  9. Lesley @ says:

    Ugh. I've had that day. So sorry you are having that day. Virtual hugs.

  10. I am sorry for laughing, but, darn, you have such a way with words that I could feel like I was right there with you and I always laugh at inappropriate times (all the way through my first wedding ceremony, for instance) and when I get nervous.

    Do hope that your son feels better very soon and that you and the rest of the family don't get it.

  11. Oh no, I hope your kids are feeling better and he won't get you sick as well. Enjoy the long run tomorrow and you will feel SO MUCH better tomorrow!!

  12. :( thinking about you & praying for you. I hope miles and baby c are feeling better soon.

    PS you are beautiful and skinny and amazing. Just the way God wants you!

    Hugs, xo

  13. Sorry that the sickies have invaded your house. I hear you on the vomit thing – it's so gross and really even worse if you're the one having to clean it up…

    I know how you feel about the jeans. I've been eating all summer like I've been marathon training and it's caught up with me in the form of more than a few pounds. I finally admitted it to myself and pulled out my old jeans. Like, the ones that were hanging out with my maternity stuff as an "I don't quite need elastic waist pants yet" pair. Ugh. It's depressing how well they fit. At least they minimize the return of the muffin-top. :( Time to get running again.

  14. Nicole Wagner says:

    OH girly…you are beautiful! remember that! I couldn't run faster than 9min miles yesterday for 3 miles then ran great on my 10K today…remember that its just ONE run and that is NOT who you are as a runner. You are fast. you are strong. you are FIT!

  15. I am sorry you have been feeling down. And the pukies…yuck. Honestly, I don't know how you do it. How you balance the running and motherhood really inspires me.

  16. Maybe something is in the air, I just weighed myself for the first time since May & found 9 new pounds. Whoa! There was a time I would have flipped out, but was surprised I didn't.. I know I do a lot of physical activity and it'll come off.
    You'll be FINE, just like I will!

  17. Oh gosh lady what a day! I hope you are feeling ebtter. I completely understand about the few pounds. I can rationalize to you if you want. Tell you about all the muscle you have probably gained and the redistribution. But either way, you cannot let it get to you, even though it is so hard (and I totally understand where you are coming from) because honestly it is probably only a normal fluctuation and if you are really nervous you can always just change things up and experiment, observe and see what happens. you are not going to blow up like a balloon I promise. all of this is very normal minus the fact that you look amazing!!! I hope everyone feel better on the other end of things. These days can be hard, be gentle with yourself! You are working so hard and doing so much. You are allwoed to have hard days. Rest up, relax as much you can, read some blogs. we love you 😉

  18. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    Thank you all for your support :)

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