I was sent two headphones from the Dara Torres collection to test out. I’m a big Yurbuds fan and haven’t found many earphones/buds that can compete with them in terms of being comfortable and staying in place during long distance running. I decided however to give these a try because I’m a big fan of *back ups.* I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or because I try to do too much on a weekly basis, or what – but I seem to misplace things ALL the time now.

The FitBuds were a bust in my opinion. They stayed in fine while I was sitting down not doing much and they were okay at the gym, but running in them was another story. I tried the different cushion sizes, but I still had to mess with it on my run. I don’t want to think about headphones on a run, I want to put them in and I want them to stay in place. If these cost $15 then maybe I would say they weren’t a waste of money but at $29.99 if you are planning on using them for running, I think your money is better spent on something else.

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The FitClips on the other hand were great! They stayed in place for easy runs, fast runs, short runs and long runs. Once I put them in I didn’t think about them again till the run was over and I was taking them out. I really liked the Tiffany’s type blue color that was sent to me as well as the other colors they have online. At $29.99 I think these headphones are a steal!

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Have headphones you use and love for running? Have you tried the FitBuds or FliClips from Koss? What did you think?

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  1. How was the sound quality of the fit clips? I have had terrible history with ear buds and running. Either I sweat them out or they just won’t stay in. My favorite, as far as sound quality goes were my sensenheimers that went around my head. But both pairs of those died within 6 months, due to a frayed wire. My yurbuds? Meh….the right one will not stay in once I start sweating. Sound quality is so-so.

  2. I have the hardest time with headphones. My husband and I bot have a hard time finding ones that stay in our ears and we don’t have to mess with throughout the entire run! Fit clips look like a great option!

  3. Thanks for the honesty!! What do you use to play music? iPhone?

  4. I love love love SkullCandy headphones! They’re around $20-30 but you can sometimes get them at TJ Maxx for $10 and they don’t budge. I always forget that they’re even in my ears. The sound quality is great too!

  5. I have a $20 pair of sony earbuds…not sure of the model, but they are the best earbuds I’ve ever had. Sound quality is good and they stay put for any amount of run. I keep 2 pairs at a time. My husband needed another pair of earbuds recently and I went to the store with him and suggested the sony’s I have and he loves them as well. They don’t fall out and you really don’t even realize they are there. Love them!

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