Right after I ran Rock N Roll 1/2 for fun I headed to LA to meet up with 2 other 26 Strong teams that had been chosen for a Saucony/Competitor Magazine photo shoot. When I flew out there I had no idea that my cadet, Danielle and I would end up on the cover of the September issue of Competitor Magazine!! It still doesn’t seem real and I legitimately smile every time I watch this video, which I will admit has been way too many times. Thank you guys for all the support over the years, I know things like this wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the support of people like you!!

Competitor Cover 3

Colton starts school Wednesday and though I am going to miss my little friend, I am really looking forward to having a couple of hours a day where I can get things done or just go for a run alone! Maybe I’ll even get back into this blogging thing again ;0)


Here is the video if you want to check it out. If you are reading this post in email the video may not show up – click on this link to view it http://youtu.be/ZEN-6HGCPSo


  1. You ALL look great…congrats!!

  2. You are such a ROCK STAR! :)
    I want my hair & make up done before I do a run :)
    There was a DJ????
    Looks like so much fun :)

  3. Wow, what an amazing experience. So happy for you!

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