I have been blessed. Blessed with moments that remind me to be present, rembering and cherishing these fleeting times in my life and the lives of my children.

As a mother I am often stressed out, frazzled and just generally all over the place. I try my best to do it all – be a good mother, a good friend, a good wife, good teammate to my fellow Saucony runners – keep up my writing, my reading, my running – but try as I might – it’s hard. Whether you are a parent or not I’m sure you can relate to the fact that LIFE is hard. Plain and simple.

These are the things that no one prepared you for in school. They told you college would be the best time of your life, but they didn’t explain why. They didn’t tell you that your years post collegiate would be just as good, but that they would be harder, whether because of work, or more school, jobs, or sleepless nights – life would never be the same.


Last Thursday my best friend from high school, Sarah, came to visit us. She spent 2 days hanging out and just experiencing a piece of my life. She lives in Brooklyn with her fiance and their very large and loving dog Stanley. Visits for both of us are not as easy as they once were, this means cherishing the ones I get are all that more important.

The rest of the long weekend was spent running, hanging out with friends, and celebrating MR. Pic’s daughters 4th birthday(she happens to be my daughters best friend). Last night while at the fair Chloe was holding hands while walking around with her daughter, Ava. I looked at them and smiled knowing that they literally were “womb buddies” [MR PIC and I shared the fun experience of being pregnant with our first children together – and had the awesome joy of them both being girls].

There are ups and downs in life, just as there are in running. There are days when you can run far and fast and never feel like you want to stop, there are other days when a two mile run is a struggle. But for every down there is an up. I want to cherish those *ups* more and remember that this moment too is fleeting. Before I know it – I will be one of those old, geeky moms[hopefully I will still not be wearing *mom jeans*] saying – I remember when you were in diapers. I will say this not only to my children but to the children of my friends, who I have literally know since they were in utero.

As my life and my running goes through ebbs and flows, I must remember that all of the moments are ones to cherish. That each hard and slow run gets me to the next long and fast one.

Let us never be discouraged but to always find ways to encourage each other and ourselves.


  1. misszippy says:

    Great post! I am actually in Howard County (run w/ the Striders). I'm sure our paths have crossed somewhere along the way!

  2. The Samsons says:

    awwwwh i love the thought to cherish the moments, even though it is hard at times! thanks for a fun time last night! definitely a memory to cherish :)xoxo

  3. Karen the "Hungry Mom" says:

    awww very sweet. i was having a similar moment last night when drew called out to me every time he went around on the swings, "i love you mommy!!!!" … someday soon our kids will be teenagers who dont even want us to escort them to the fair! love ya

  4. Love it =] YOu have a great attitude toward life 😀

  5. Rebecca Samson says:

    Very well put. These are the days to remember…

  6. Great post. I run in MoCo with MCRRC.

  7. The Happy Runner says:

    Right on! Good reminder :-)

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