Chloe and I spotted this fun little shirt at Target today in the girls running section. I love it so much that there is running specific gear for little girls now. It was not so long ago that many did not consider running a sport or something that could possibly even warrant a section in a store, let alone a store like Target. Makes me all girl-power-cheesy when I see stuff like this!

Target Run Fast 1

If you want a shirt for your little or a little you know here is the link to the C9 by Champion for Target shirt.

Target Run Fast Shirt

Who raced this weekend? How did you do?!?!


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  1. I felt like I ran a super crappy 5k, but I placed 2nd in my age group! Reminds me to be grateful for each step and have more confidence. Cute tee! Think an XL will fit like an adult S? Here’s hoping.

  2. I always see those and want to buy one for my daughter! She has a billion t-shirts though so I’ve skipped it. I do always buy her the mock tempo shorts because they match mine :)

  3. The shorts are the cutest :) :) I totally remember reading about her first race on your blog?!? A 5K? Or maybe it wasn’t her first – either way I remember thinking that I hoped that would be Chloe and I some day!

  4. I do think an XL fits like an adult Small – I’m usually am XL in the girls clothing and mostly wear small tops :) Second in your age group is awesome!!!

  5. That’s too cute! I may have to get my 7 yr old one of those….she’s done a few kids fun runs and wants to do more, yeay!

  6. What a great shirt! I got one from target around 4 years ago that said “I train like a girl” and I LOVE it! I ran a 5k and I’m proud to say it was in 35 minutes, I didn’t pee my pants and only walked for a few seconds for some water! Pregnant running…it’s the little things!

  7. Seeing a shirt like this for kids makes me want to have one…or a couple…lol. Too cute!

  8. My 10 year old just picked this out for herself last week! She is in Girls on the Run right now, I love the self-confidence girls are getting from this program (and these clothes!).

  9. So cute! I hope you got this for Chloe – it will look so cute on her! :)

    I’m excited to buy fun shirts like this for my kiddos!

  10. I saw this at my local Target a while ago and thought it was so cute! Why can’t they make these in the women’s section? :p
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  11. Cute!!! Can’t wait for my girl to grow up and run with me :)

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