Some days you need to mix up the route you run for the run to still seem fun.

point of rocks 3

Wasn’t in the mood for 10 miles at my usual spot on the W & OD and since I was solo with no stroller to push {focusing on a positive – even though I do love my little running buddy} I could head anywhere I wanted. Decided last minute to go to the C&O Canal for my run. I was a tad worried I was going to regret it because of the heat/humidity – didn’t want to feel like I had jumped in a pool post run. Annnnnd I was pleasantly surprised that instead of it being a sauna under the trees it was still cool or relatively cool for an 88+ degree day – maybe from the crazy rain storm the night before? – that being said I did still finish looking like I had jumped in a pool and then rolled around in the dirt. {please excuse that long jumbled sentence}

Point of rock 11

Flattering leg shot. Also doesn’t seem as muddy in the picture as I was….hmmm……

There have been periods in my life that running became a chore, something I loved, but still something I felt like I had to do. I don’t want to do that anymore. I honestly would love to PR the marathon one day {ahem this fall} but IF I don’t, I actually really don’t care anymore. I’m not willing to put in the work {at this point} needed for a faster marathon. I want to run to be happy and to be happy when I run. I need running more for other things than just times on the clocks. {though times on the clock will always be cool}

point of rocks 2
Point of rocks 1

Have I said fun enough today? Yes – my run was fun and cleansing in the way that only being near water and sweating your a$$ off can do.

Sweat, tears, water…..3 of the greatest things ever.

If you haven’t run on this section of the C & O Canal I highly recommend it – some parts are pretty rocky – this segment is more dirt/mud and feels great if you like running on softer surfaces. The pavement has my heart, but I do like to mix it up.

If you want to see more pictures of the C & O Canal you can check them out on my facebook page




  1. Running should always be fun, first and foremost! Although I’m pretty competitive by nature, and since my husband has started running again, we try to beat each other’s prs (btw I am nowhere near as fast as you)! Right now we have the same exact 5-k pr of 29:24, which is pretty weird, huh?

  2. Love this! Sometimes running is so therapeutic. I got in 7 miles this morning firs thing. Was it easy? Nope. Was it amazing? Yes! I needed it to start this day off right

  3. Where do you go to park and start your run?

  4. Sigh. Being in Florida, I miss runs under the lush green canopy of trees! The C & O is a beautiful place to run!

  5. Hi Mary –
    If you are coming from Virginia – you can cross over the bridge and then make an immediate right towards the Point of Rock sign. It’s then pretty much another immediate right down – it will look like crap and you will see dirt piles and railroad tracks and you will think you are lost. Cross over the tracks and there is a one way bridge – again you will think you are lost – once you cross over there is a GIANT parking lot with port-o-pottys and a fantastic view of the water and bridge, etc. If you are facing the trail from the parking lot – I ran towards the right this time. I’ve gone a couple of miles towards the left but prefer heading towards the right – if I knew what direction that was I would tell you but I’m terrible with stuff like that :) Hope that helps!

  6. I’m really scared to run on that trail by myself after hearing some incidents on these trails and I was approached by one of the suspect.

    just be mindful of your surroundings and run w/ other runners. it makes me really angry that we have to take extra caution just because we’re female.

  7. Rave Runs: C & O Canal at Point of Rocks, MD

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