In my head there is a marathon battle that ensues every single training season. The logical side of me tells me that I NEED a break from marathons and maybe I would be happier if I dropped down to a shorter distance and trained to try and run faster. I reason that maybe even one season off from marathons would be good for my body. The not so logical side of me, says that the marathon is where I am happiest – not training for one but actually running one.

I run the marathon distance not for anyone but me. Through summers and winters that seem endless, I train for them. This has been my way of life for most of the past ten years. The logical side of me also knows that if I didn’t train for marathons, even just for a season I would be sad.

This spring I didn’t run Boston. It didn’t work well for our family and my husband asked me if I could just pick one spring marathon instead of doubling up. I agreed that it wasn’t best for the family and that maybe running only one marathon would be the little break that the logical side of my brain thought I needed.

In hindsight, I will forever be thankful that I didn’t run Boston 2013. My mom finished minutes before the bomb went off and I would have been somewhere at the finish line waiting for her. Everything that happened lit a fire in me, as it did many other runners. I wanted to run Boston 2014 because I wanted to show myself that I am not afraid. No one can steal the joy that is the marathon from us. It seemed fitting that on 9/11 a day that was meant to instill fear in me, I was doing my form of saying to myself – I am not afraid.

The only qualifying time that I had that would work was my 3:17 from Marine Corps Marathon last year. I hoped and prayed that I was enough under my qualifying time. My mom who ran a 3:58:26 at Boston had to wait till later to register and see if her time would be good enough.Boston Treadmill 3

I got my confirmation email hours after I registered. My heart leaped. It’s cheesy. It’s cliché. It leaped. I don’t take Boston for granted. I don’t know if I will be able to qualify every year of my life. I don’t know when my last marathon will be or when I will slow down. You can’t control life. I was just as excited to register this year as I was that first year, even though this will be my 4th time there.

Boston Treadmill 4

There really is something about Boston and how hard you work to get there, that makes it extra special. I remember the first time walking in to the expo, I just started balling. I turned to my mom and said we worked so hard — this is what happens when you chase down a dream.Boston Marathon 2012 - 2

My mom as it would turn out, did not get in. She missed the cut off for her age group this year by 4 seconds. When people say seconds don’t matter in the marathon, I laugh. The first time I went under 4 hours in the marathon I did it by 7 seconds. Seconds matter even over 26.2 miles. I’m sad she won’t be there with me at Hopkinton but I know that everything happens for a reason. There was a reason I didn’t run this year and there is a reason she won’t be running next year. Life in my opinion happens as it should – good or bad – it always works out – even when it doesn’t seem like it.


After Marine Corps, I’m running Vegas Marathon, and then I’m giving myself a month off from training! I want to run what I want to run, when I want to run, or not run at all if the case may be.

Come January this girl will be on the treadmill and I’m dreading it…..

I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to find my treadmill mojo. I’ve asked myself 1,000 times how on earth I ran 30 miles in the spring on the treadmill. I honestly can’t even explain it to myself…….

I love my Landice but I can’t help but want the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill from ProForm!!!

I’m thinking that the reason my mojo is no where to be found is because I am in actuality just BORED. Dexter has ended and I’ve watched just about every series I’ve come across…..

This treadmill could be the answer!!

Boston Treadmill 1

A couple of the many reasons in a dream world I would have this treadmill instead of my current one is because:

  • you can train on an incline or decline – perfect for to train your legs for the downhills {so you don’t die in the Newtown Hills like I did}
  • HD Boston Marathon workouts.
  • iFit enabled
  • you can train with Jillian…sort of anyways…and Jillian is my favorite kick my butt in my living room with a DVD trainer

Boston Treadmill 2

Did you get in to Boston? Qualified but didn’t get in? What do you think about this treadmill? Would it belong in your dream fitness room?


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Disclaimer: I am posting about this treadmill as an entry to a Runner’s World Blogger Giveaway. These are my honest opinions.


  1. I love this treadmill! It would definitely belong in my dream fitness room! I probably would also want a spin bike in my dream fitness room ONLY because right now I am sidelined with a femoral stress fracture and I could use a spin bike in home when I am able to cross train. Boston is my dream and I have a marathon planned for May 2014 to get there. This injury has sidelined me but seeing everyone post their acceptances and see my husband get in again gives me even more motivation to come back from this injury and kick some butt and make it to Boston! I’m still coming for you Boston!

  2. Totally agree, seconds count!! I have qualified twice now and each time I missed the cutoff by less than 30 seconds. Time to find my strong and dream big and figure out how to safely add a cushion of time without risking missing the qualifying time. Congratulations, I am sure you truly earned your spot!

  3. So excited you are running Boston! I have a list of friends I will be tracking that day. Sorry to hear your Mom didn’t get in though, very frustrating. I have a friend who has run Boston every year for years and missed it by seconds this year too. Sad for them.

    That treadmill looks incredible! I’m still the weirdo who loves running on the treadmill but if I had a treadmill like that I think I’d love it even more. What an amazing machine.

  4. Congrats on getting into Boston! A group of women from the running club I’m in will be running Marine Corps, a first marathon for some of them. Also, my BRF is doing the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 :) Good luck in your upcoming races!

    I really don’t like treadmill running but that one looks awesome. Running on that thing could actually be doable 😉

  5. Mary-Ann Moerman says:

    I’ll be tracking you when you run BOSTON, it’s a coveted marathon. My Boston qualifying time would be 3.45! I just want to beat the 4hr this time! But I hear you, running marathons are my thing too. My first real race was the MCM in 2005. Not a 5k or 10k no…26 point freaking 2! No fear Dorothy…If they’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong group to target! BTW…did a interval around the world on the treadmill yesterday, it will always be love/hate I guess xoxo

  6. The treadmill sounds cool! Mine, an Epic, does the incline/decline. It also can connect through wifi and you can choose courses to run, including Boston! :)

  7. Hayley Roggia says:

    That treadmill looks amazing! Mine doesn’t even go to 0% grade. Always 1.5 grade or higher… lame! I am running my first full in Richmond this November and going for a BQ as my time goal. Getting so nervous and excited! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. Congrats on getting in! I’ve seen several people posting about that treadmill and it looks awesome!

  9. I hate treadmill running because I find it so boring and I hate to run indoors. However, this treadmill looks so SWEET! I think it could totally change my feelings about treadmill running.

  10. Christopher Rupert says:

    Dorothy, Congrats on getting in for the Boston Marathon 2014 118th Run. I have also read at Runnersworld qualifying standards have been set for the 2014 Marathon Run.

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