On Sunday I had the honor of meeting someone who reads my blog at the Woodrow Wilson 1/2 Marathon!  I was sooo pumped when Ashley introduced herself and of course I knew just who she was!

I was chatting/rambling with her about some of my favorite blogs and instead of emailing them to her – I thought I would add them here in case you too are looking for more blogs to stalk – uhem I mean follow.

My friend Jess makes the most amazing growth charts for children.  If you are in the market for one, check her out on her blog Sugarcone.  If you want to read about her running check out her running blog at One Happy Runner.  She too is pregnant with her third child and has been able to run throughout this pregnancy!

Jess has an uber talented sister, Kamie, who makes fun things for kids as well as adults.  I wish I was half as creative as these two sisters.  CLICK HERE for her blog Dizzy Daisy or HERE for her website.

My dear, dear, best friend Claire is the best writer I have ever met!  On her blog Coffee and Wine Please she writes about literally nothing and everything all at once.

Hungry Mom on the Run is another one of my great friends, who happens to know how to cook.  Check out her blog for great recipes mixed in with bits about her running and life.

If you are the type who likes to cook, or can cook [I’m pretty sure I can’t put myself in either category].  Here are three other food related blogs I follow.  Recipes by Sheree Thoburn is written by my dads wife.  Schweet ‘N Savory is written by my talented cousin Melissa!  And last but not least is Feed Your Sister, written by a Elia, a friend of my best high school girlfriends Amy and Sarah.

What are you favorite blogs?


  1. xoxo you are the bestest.

  2. I will check these blogs out this weekend, thanks!

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