su·per·wom·an (spr-wmn)


1. A woman who performs all the duties typically associated with several different full-time roles, such as wage earner, graduate student, mother, and wife.

2. A woman with more than human powers.

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As I sat down to reflect superwomen in my life the first ones who came to mind were the typical, my mother, my grandmother, and my sister. Followed by numerous friends, Amy, Sarah, Claire, Michelle, Meg, the list went on and on.

The longer I thought, the more names came to mind. What about Ellen and Elizabeth – the two founders of a women’s apparel company I once worked for. They started a company on their own in a men’s dominated sport and paved the way for women like me, they certainly are super women. I can’t forget Valerie, a former co-worker at that same company who recently overcame breast cancer all while being a great mom to her three sons, and running her own company. Instead of letting cancer bring her down, she welcomed the challenge to overcome it.

Clearing out the fray in my mind has opened up more room to focus on the positive people in my life. Those weeds in my mind were making it hard to see all the super women who surround me, but once the fray was gone, I couldn’t stop thinking of names. Names of women I know and see and names of women I only know virtually.

The more names I wrote down the bigger the smile on my face got. I realized I am literally surrounded on all angles by strong super women who inspire me every single day of my life to DREAM BIGGER and BIGGER.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

When I think of this statement, my friend Ashley comes to mind.

Ashley is the god-mother to my daughter Chloe. She is the type of friend that comes over on her birthday to babysit so I can go for a run alone. She is the type of friend who offers to push my running stroller on a run, and doesn’t mind taking the uphill portion. She is the type of friend that you can call when you are in need and you know she will drop everything to be there for you. She isn’t just this type of friend to me. She is this person for every single one of her friends. She constantly gives of herself for others, all while raising her two children and keeping up with the demands of a hectic life.

For years my mother had a magnet on our refrigerator that said – Live to the point of tears. My friendship with Ashley brings me to the point of tears. She is the friend who wrote me a note before one of the most important marathons of my life that simply said – I BELIEVE IN YOU. She was that same friend that met me in the final miles of that race to run with me to help me get my first BQ. She talked me out of quitting and told me over and over again that I was strong and that I was going to qualify for Boston that day NO MATTER WHAT. When I relentlessly asked how many minutes I had left to get to the finish line and how many miles I had left to run – she answered the question each and every time with love – even if it was 60 seconds after I had asked her the same questions before.

She is MY SUPERWOMAN. Without her in my life I don’t think I would have had the courage to not give up on my dreams. When I need advice she is the person I turn to, for an honest answer. She makes me a better person.

I consider her my sister, sister in life, sister in sport and a true superwoman.

 Ashley and Chloe


Surround yourself with superwomen. Let them lift you up.

Write a history of your life that makes you proud.

To enter – visit the Believe I Am blog and tell them who is a superwoman in your eyes! You’ve got until May 1st, 2013.

‘Tis the Superwoman season (Mother’s day is May 12th).We want to giveaway our “Strong” shirt and necklace to some very special Superwomen. Know any Superheroes that should be on a pedestal? I bet you do! We all know those special women in our life, the true super heroes. They do the self-less, thankless work, they are ones that raise energy of our environments with their compassionate work. We know their struggles, their fortitude, their courage to overcome, their generosity, their selflessness, their genius, and their strength. Many times our sisters (biological & non-biological) provide us with the strength to keep our heads up when times are rough. They have the ability to inspire us to follow our dreams and do more good in the world. Here is your chance to give them that “Shout Out” and nominate them – they’ll be entered in a draw to win our Super Pack! 

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  1. “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

    I have seen that quote before, but it always strikes a chord with me. I am blessed with the most amazing woman to whom I’ve been married for 21 years, who supports me through everything, even my crazy running in spite of my work requiring too much travel right now (paying for 5 years of basically no travel I guess?). Great post!

  2. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST :) I don’t normally comment, but I always read. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. Love this post! Thank you for an awesome blog- you’re so inspirational in so many ways!

  4. Jenni ortman says:

    My mom is my superwoman in my life. I never gave it much thought before now, but she IS the reason I am such a strong woman. Through trial and tribulation, on her life as we were growing up and losing a a daughter she remained our rock and showed us how to live and be strong independent women, she gives me the strength to get through anything.. The reason I persevere, never give up and never give in, she is the reason I never quit at anything in life and the reason I do not look at failure as a bad thing but a learning step for something greater!

  5. So sweeeeet! :)

  6. Hey Jenni – This is awesome! Don’t forget to comment on BIA’s blog. Comments left on my blog don’t count towards the prize :)

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