Before I had three kids, I had two dogs.  They were my children.

I would get hurt at holidays when my *children* were not invited to family gatherings.  How could I leave them at home alone all day? They will get lonely, they will miss me, they are my babies.

Then I had real babies and the dogs got demoted. 

I still love them even though they drive me nuts more often than I care to count. Deep down inside I know that my life is better because they are in it, even if they do make me crazy.

This post is dedicated to Bailey and Daphne. The dogs that most people don’t even know I have!


Bailey in my old Jeep

 I would take them running while pregnant with Chloe

Yes Daph?

Pretty Girl

My three babies – before I actually had three babies


  1. what cuties!!!

  2. I love your pups – so cute! Great post!

  3. Melissa Cunningham says:

    love the pics!
    so cute!!!!

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