“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

–Jacques Cousteau



 One day I will live near the beach…..one day……


  1. KimberlyBouldin says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. SarahCanney says:

    Looks like so.much.fun! We’re headed to “our” lake in the Adirondacks for a week (maybe two if I can convince the hubby;-) In July. It’s been my favorite place one earth since I was little. I feel at peace there. I cannot wait! It gets more fun the older Sophia gets;-) The only thing that will be missing is margaritas on the front porch. I’ll have to mix up some “virgin” ones;-P 
    Good to see you enjoying your family and de-stressing:-)

  3. FightingMama says:

    Beautiful!! Yes one day I would like to live on the beach too!!

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