I know in order to recover properly and keep doing this marathon thing year after year I have to rest.

I enjoy rest and I hate rest.

After a marathon I usually take a week off from running or working out. I’m typically in pretty good shape physically post marathon so sliding into my jeans isn’t hard. I feel good about my accomplishment and ride the marathon high.

When I return to running my mind is always ready. My body is usually ready but not always. I don’t start training right away. If I have another marathon coming up in a couple of weeks I just run to maintain but never build back any significant mileage.

I start to lose my motivation as it gets colder and running slows even more than it already has.

As my jeans get tighter and often impossible to put on I find myself questioning why I think I’m still a runner and why I think signing up for a spring marathon is a good idea. I think about getting rid of my jeans and buying a bigger size [totally irrational – I know].


I love the rest because I like breaks. I hate the rest because I lose my motivation.

Two weekends ago I took the USATF Level 1 Coaching Certification class with THIS LADY.


Hanging out with her for 22+ hours of class, lunches at Starbucks and sushi after class got me motivated.

It was like looking in a mirror. Only what I saw in that mirror was a super motivated, sub 3 hour, tall, blonde, mother of 3, trying to fit it all in, marathoner.

I wanted to be her at that moment. Well not exactly her…..I wanted to be ME but more like her. If that makes sense.


I signed up for 2 marathons. I got back on the training bandwagon and have enlisted her to help keep me on track. Accountability is important. I don’t want to push on slow workouts for the sake of bragging about it on a blog [not saying I do – I’m just saying that the temptation might be there if you have a blog, twitter, facebook account]. I want to go slow on the slow workouts and HARD on the hard workouts and I want to eat healthy while doing it.

The other night said LADY texted me and said she was sitting in front of brownies and had a spoon. I told her NOT to do it. As she had pointed out before – her buns and her runs would thank her later for resisiting. The truth is that motivation and accountability in my eyes are exactly — what they say in the Saucony Find Your Strong video. When we share it, we all get stronger. Helping her resist temptation will help me resist it in the future.

I digress…..

Saturday I ran 18 miles. My longest long run since Vegas Marathon.

Sunday I ran 10.2 miles at an easy pace – the average was easy but the run was anything but.

  • Mile 1: 8:33
  • Mile 2: 8:47
  • Mile 3: 8:35
  • Mile 4: 8:20
  • Mile 5: 8:12
  • Mile 6: 8:08
  • Mile 7: 8:25
  • Mile 8: 7:39
  • Mile 9: 7:01
  • Mile 10:  6:44

Monday I ran 7 treadmill miles while watching Dexter [total guilty pleasure and yes I like crime shows]. My average was 7:40. I felt like a runner again.

3 solid days of runs were awesome for my body but even better for my mental health.

On Sunday I joined LA Fitness. I want to be able to mix up my workouts and don’t just want to do Jillian Michaels DVD’s alone in my living room. I also like the fact that there is childcare. This means I don’t have to just squeeze in a workout while Colton is napping, Miles is at pre-school, and Chloe is at school. This allows me to free up some of that time to actually get some work done. {yes I do actually do work even though I consider myself a stay at home mom}

This morning the boys and I went to the gym. 2 quick miles on the treadmill – 7:30 average. 1 hour of spin class {my first spin class ever – more on this later} and then a fitness assessment which actually just turned into a mini workout.

I’m physically tired but am finding that I feel like I have more energy than I have in months.

Getting back on the training bandwagon feels oh-so-good.

Eric asked me the other day after I proclaimed that I wanted to be the fittest I have ever been in 2013. When will this all end? When will you stop running marathons and trying to get better and just chill. He meant it in a nice way {I’m assuming anyways}. I said NEVER and I sort of mean it. I’m a work in progress. My dads family is filled with women who are very overweight. It’s in my genes. I don’t just stay fit by sitting around. I lost the weight and found myself, by being active. I’m fairly certain the only way to not lose myself is to keep this up {and…..I’d like to fit into my jeans – totally superficial desire but I don’t care – a fit mom is a happy mom in my eyes}.

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  1. It’s so nice to get back on track after feeling unmotivated for awhile. I also totally agree that the journey to be healthy and fit never ends!

  2. I also agree with the journey to being fit never ends – it’s a lifestyle. However, I do believe that balancing all aspects of life is equally important. If you want to eat brownies with a spoon, eat them (in moderation of course). The tone I get from your blog is that you might obsess about food/weight/workouts, etc and that is not healthy for anyone. Again, I’m just saying this is what I am getting from the tone I am reading. I am in no way accusing you of anything as I don’t even know you. From what I can see, you are extremely fit and as long as you keep moving and eating healthy most of the time you have nothing to worry about. Seriously girl, look in the mirror – you ARE beautiful. I really hope you don’t take this comment the wrong way. Just wanted to put my .02 in regarding your husbands comment.

  3. Great motivation here! I love it. And I love that you are so aware of your genes and the fact that you don’t get fit and stay fit by sitting around. I have the same thing in my family and I want to make sure that I stay healthy for as long as I can. Good luck on all your workouts ahead of you! And I love spin class and have seen major improvements in my running because of it!

  4. Hi Brit – Thanks for your thoughts! As someone who constantly overeats and was overweight and unhappy it’s very hard for me to think – all things in moderation. I fell into that trap one too many times. Do we tell alcoholics to do it in moderation. For some of us – me included moderation is hard when it comes to food. On a daily basis I often eat more than my 200lb husband….

    I don’t feel that I obsess though over workouts – I actually credit the fact that I have never had an injury to listening to my body and taking MORE rest time and days off than just about any other runner I know.

    I do from time to time get down on not being able to run or that my options are limited compared to other moms I know – but I also know that there are TONS of people out there who have a MUCH harder time fitting in running or working out – so I do have perspective. I think that part of a blog is being able to vent about how you feel and it’s okay to feel down, or sad, or mad or what not. I agree that it’s hard when reading words to get the tone of what the other person is trying to say. It is why I am not a big fan of text or email because you can get the wrong impression VERY easily. Anyways – thank you for saying I am beautiful and thank you for clarifying the tone of your comment :) Sorry if this was a rambling response – Hope you are having a great day!

  5. You are very right – being fit definately takes HARD work and dedication and it’s alright to feel sad from time to time. I just know so many people that obsess about things when they shouldn’t and aren’t aware of it. I appreciate everything you write here and I’m glad you did not take my comment the wrong way (and I’m glad I’m wrong anyway!) :)

  6. Glad to see that you are back on track.

    I totally understand though. A fit mom is a happy mom. My family is filled with overweight people and I do not want to end up like that. It’s so easy to just give up and settle. I REFUSE to settle!

  7. LOVE THIS! I am with you, I can’t imagine ever being done. I will always want to run more races, longer distances, faster times, it is just a huge part of my life now, and it makes me happy!

    I am signing up for a trail race too! Just a 14km to start, but I am excited about the challenge! YAY!

  8. Hi Dorothy. I’m a long time follower but first time reader. As I was reading your post I was really impacted by a lot of the things you wrote. I am also someone who comes from a long line of obesity and I’m trying my best to keep it away from me. I was reading some of the previous comments and I definitely understand what you mean about moderation being a slippery slope for someone who has had problems with overeating in the past.

    Anyway, although I’ve been pretty good about exercising and eating right, I was wondering if you had any tips on helping the rest of my family “see the light”. It pains me to watch everyone I love be grossly overweight and continue to eat processed foods and drink soda every day. I was wondering if you (or maybe some other readers) had any tips…

  9. Love this. love that you joined the gym – makes life a million times better, especially with the daycare!!! little jealous you get to spin;-) I’m so glad we got to spend the weekend together and now I have someone to hold me accountable:)
    Love you!

  10. I’m hating the winter motivation thing too. It’s hard. But, welcome back to training.

  11. Since life kind of got in the way of running this year I didn’t sign up for the B&A. However, we will meet because I’m going to volunteer with the Annapolis Striders! I figure I have to, I only live 15 minutes from the start line.

    See you soon!

  12. Jen Thoennes says:

    Glad you got back into training and your right its hard to stay motivated in the winter when it’s freezing and hard to run outside. It’s nice to have a friend who will hold you accountable

    A fit mom is a happy mom. I need to also lay off the unhealthy food it’s so easy to indulge when it’s cold out and I’m siting on the couch. Reading this post helps me hold myself accountable.

    Growth never ends and we are always trying to better ourselves and learn or at least we should be

  13. I’m so glad that you are feeling more motivated. I know we all go through down cycles but sometimes we need these to help us rise up. You’ve got this!

  14. I just subscribed you your blog and loved this post in my e-mail box tonight! 1000% agree a fit mom is a happy mom!

  15. Oh yes, the jean test. I must confess, I am somewhat tied to that superficial tell of my current level of fitness, or lack of running. But it does feel really good when my jeans fit and they are the ones I had since before pregnancy. And don’t even ask me what I will do when they fall to shreds since I really do love the style!

  16. Susan Young says:

    Do you ever feel like you are cheating your family?

  17. Hi Susan! Cheating my family how? If you mean by time – then no. During the summer time I would get up at 3:50 in the morning and be finished with my runs before anyone in the house was awake. If I didn’t do that then I pushed my kids in the running stroller and the four of us would talk. If my kids didn’t want to go on the run with me then I didn’t run. When I do Jillian DVD’s its at 6 something in the morning before they wake up and if I do abs or foam rolling and such it’s after they have gone to bed. Since it’s cold I typically run when two of my kids are gone at school and the other is napping. I joined the gym this weekend and don’t see how my children playing in the play area with other children is any different than some parents who have to put them in daycare. On the weekends I typically get up super early to do my long runs often finishing 20 miles or more before 9am. As a mom I don’t just get to sit down after a workout and relax. It’s walk in the house – change into dry clothes and then instantly I’m on mom duty. I do think that some moms can feel selfish about taking time for themselves but I don’t. I know how much time I spend with my kids {more than most parents}. I gave up a successful career to become a stay at home mom and be with them. So I guess the long winded answer is a firm no. On this blog you get a glimpse of certain areas of my life. I won’t post about everything my kids and I do together…..occasionally I do include stuff but I don’t want every aspect of their lives on the internet. Hope than answers your question!

  18. Hi! I’m pretty new to reading your blog and just had to comment and say that my sons name is Colton also! Except he just turned 20yo last week although he probably still naps as much as your son (on break from college anyhow, lol)
    I always say that Kara Goucher named her Colton after mine. Love her!

  19. I love this post! it is exactly how I feel. I know i’m a better mom, wife and employee because I run and workout. And I like to fit into my jeans too!!

  20. Jen Thoennes says:

    Mommy guilt is a wicked thing and we all need time for ourselves. Good for you on making it work. Just because we are moms doesn’t mean our identity needs to be completely entwined with theirs. What happens when they are gone and we give up who we are, all our hobbies and passions for them and then they go to school/college etc Then we have nothing left and have to start over. Keep being who you are and do what makes you feel like you. I write this partly for myself to because sometimes I give up all that is me to my child and I find myself depressed/in a funk. It’s important to keep and do outside Interests. :-)

  21. This might be kind of a weird/random question… but I’ve seen several pictures on your blog that look EXACTLY like my favorite running path back in my hometown. Is that a picture of the W&OD in this post? I grew up in Northern VA, in the town where the W&OD ends, and have so so many wonderful memories of long runs on that path. Whenever I head back up to visit my parents, I always look forward to early mornings and long runs on that trail.

  22. Great job getting your motivation back! Sometimes it seems nice to just change things up. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of your first spin class. I think they are so much fun! You can really push yourself in a different way!

  23. I love posts like these. The realness and vulnerability laid out there so that those of us reading from afar can relate. I’ve seen more and more (in the day of trying to make blogs popular) runners/athletes just speaking about the highs and the joys and deferring from the struggles and rough patches. Many of them I don’t even follow anymore because it’s frustrating to read something when you can’t relate to it. Thanks for keeping it real!

  24. Hi Dorothy – Thanks for this post. I’m a mom of two little ones (10 months and 2.5yrs old) and am struggling a bit with motivation this winter while training for “comeback” marathon post-babies in March. :) I also got the same question from my husband as to “when will this end?” when I started training again and getting up at 4am to get my runs in before everyone was up for the day. It’s been tough because even though I get up super-early to try and impact my husband and my two girls the least amount as I possibly can (i.e. I am done with my run by 6:45am so my husband can leave for work), I still sometimes get comments from others that I need to “chill out” and not run as much. I love this sport and with being a stay-at-home mom I feel like this is the only thing I do for ME – and some days I feel that even though I get up super early or run during naptimes or skip runs if I have to, my husband would still prefer that I not be as serious/competitive about running. But I kind of feel that it’s just a part of who I am. We all have seasons where we aren’t as intense as others, but I would like to try to keep running and training and staying very fit for as long as I can. I don’t look at this as having an “end” point – as in, once I hit a PR of X:XX time on the clock I will stop and just go for a 5-mile jog every other day. I don’t think I ever see that as being my goal. I will always want to be striving for something – it may not be a time on the clock, but it will be something. :)


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