Eric and I are back from our trip to China. I haven’t been posting race recaps lately but for this one I’m going to write it all up. I really want to be able to remember everything and I can already feel it drifting because there just were so many memories squeezed in to a week.

It was our first time traveling with a travel company and I have nothing but fantastic things to say. We were with the same group the entire week and it felt like we had friends from all over the world. It made the race that much more special seeing our new friends on course or telling stories with them after. One guy in our group, who was very speedy and crazy about marathons came in 3rd place! He had just ran a marathon the week before – I couldn’t believe it! It was amazing cheering for him at the post race ceremony the next day when he went up on stage.

That all being said I’m SO happy to be home with my little people. That was the longest I had ever been away from them and I swear they seem bigger to me after only a week! Home is where my heart is.

It just happened that the ACLI Capital Challenge Race, a race I volunteer at every year, is Wednesday morning. I’m busy cleaning up, unpacking and repacking to head into Arlington for the night. Before that I get to pick up Dathan Ritzenhein from the airport and of course I am completely geeked out about it.

Jeff Darman, the race director, is someone I consider a friend – he knows I am a total runner dork and so instead of getting a car service to pick up the “celebrity runner” each year, he gives me the job. Each year the celebrity athlete comes from the John Hancock Elite Athlete team, and this year I’ve been invited to dinner with Dathan and a representative from John Hancock – I’m very excited about that too! Tomorrow I get to drive Dathan to the race, before my role with awards. I’m feeling extra cheesy/thankful this week and though I am completely exhausted from my trip, am so thankful for people like Jeff and others who I have met through this wonderful sport of running. Without all of these runners who I have become friends I know I wouldn’t GET to do half of the cool things I do on a regular basis.

It is really special when I think about all the people I have gotten to hang out with because of this race – Meb, his brother Hawi, Shalane Flanagan, Bart Yasso, Dick Beardsley and more.

I love how every part of your life takes you to another part. It’s like a giant puzzle and the pieces all connect to each other, one by one, year by year. I would have never have met Jeff if I hadn’t have worked for Moving Comfort, and I likely would have never have worked for Moving Comfort, if my job with Brooks had not moved to Chicago {I turned it down to stay in this area}. Every right or wrong turn, has added up to this beautiful mess I call life.

Here are some pictures from our week, more to come!

DSC00043 DSC00063 DSC00083 DSC00084 DSC00091 SONY DSC IMG_2955 SONY DSC

A few more photos are up on my instagram page as well!


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