Meet Courtney, a girl whose love of running is infectious. Courtney proves you don’t have to have been running your whole life to inspire others to run. Check out this bio of a former dancer turned marathoner!

Name: Courtney Schwartz

Age: 25

Location: Denver, CO

Twitter Name: @cisforcourtney

Blog Name:

Team: Runner’s Roost

How long have you been running: 1.5 years!

Favorite race distance and why: I’ve definitely raced more 5k’s & 10k’s than any other distance… however I have to say, the longer the distance–the more I love it! So my favorite so far would have to be the 26.2!

How many marathons have you run: 1 marathon

Where you started to where you are now: I ran my first 5k on October 2, 2010 then a year later ran my first marathon in Portland in October 2011! Now I’m training for my second marathon in May 2012, 50k June 2012, 50 miler July 2012.

Current PR’s:

5k: 22:27

10k: 47:58

1/2 marathon: 1:49:48

marathon: 3:53:43

How did you get into running? I danced for 18+ years of my life. One day I woke up and decided I was tired of all my hard work being judged by somebody else. For all you know you may have not made the “cut” in an audition because they don’t like the leotard you are wearing! I wanted to dedicate myself to something that will ultimately give you back every drop of sweat you put into it. Running does that for me. The clock at the finish line doesn’t judge you. :)

What accomplishment are you most proud of: So far… I’d definitely say Portland Marathon… sure crossing that finish line and hitting my goal was AWESOME… but I’m most proud of the journey it took to get me there. Training started RIGHT after I moved to Colorado (from Houston) and lets just say adjusting to running in Colorado was not an easy task! I can’t even recall the amount of tears I shed, frustration I felt or how many “I DON’T EVEN FEEL LIKE A RUNNER WHEN I RUN HERE!” moments I had. I’m proud of myself for not quitting no matter how tough it got.

How do you make time to run? I don’t necessarily “make time” to run. I am so blessed that I am able to run and love it so much that it IS my life. I build my life around running and my family. Getting up before the birds to get a long run in on the weekend is by far one of my favorites things to do! My weekends feel incomplete without it.

Favorite Quote: “My motto— sans limites!” -Isadora Duncan


  1. Saw that Courtney was from my neck of the woods and is running her 2nd marathon in May…checked the online list and sure enough, it’s the Colorado Marathon in my hometown. Her fiance (at least a guy of the right age and with the right last name) appears to be running it too–congratulations! The course is great (though I’ve only run the half), extremely scenic, and fast for 5000+ ft of elevation. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    Keep up the good work, and I’ll cheer you on if I see/recognize you. That’s doubtful though, as my wife is running the half and we’ll probably be gone shortly after she finishes. Good luck! And if Courtney loves trail running and likes her trip to Fort Collins, she should consider the Blue Sky Marathon in October! 😀


  2. Hey Scott!
    We will definitely be up there in May. We’ll have to watch for you guys. I’ve run the half as well (2010) and am looking to get up there for the full this year.
    I’ve actually done Blue Sky a few years ago as well. That is a race I’d love to get C up to do this fall. Would either of you be running it? Have a good one!

  3. Hi Lucas,

    I looked up your half time from 2010 and you’re smoking fast! If you’re in that kind of shape for the full this year, you’ll be right up there at the top.

    Not sure if I’ll be doing Blue Sky. I’d really like to, but my postdoc contract is up at the end of June, so it mostly depends on funding or if I can get another job in northern CO. One race you might want to keep an eye out for is a new one tentatively called the Solstice Half Marathon. It’ll be run in September in the Poudre canyon. Basically a half that is similar to the first half of the full CO Marathon. I heard about it from the owner of Runner’s Roost Ft. Collins.

    This is Dorothy’s blog, so I’ll go on the record saying that Dorothy should come out for a fun CO race! I’m sure it’d be super difficult with the family, but I think my wife would love to meet you! She met Dimity (Run Like a Mother) at a Skirt Chaser last fall, and that was really encouraging for her.


  4. YAY!!! Love this feature on Courtney! She is a very inspiring runner and all around great woman!

  5. Hi Courtney! Looks like we are training along the same front range. I recently moved to Boulder and remember that “I can’t run at all” feeling while adjusting to the altitude.

    Congrats on Portland, and good luck training for CO Marathon! :)


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