April is my favorite month of the year. Its not too hot – not too cold – just riiiiiiight.

The thought of April approaching in March makes my heart leap.

April 1

April 1st is a very special day for me. It’s the birthday of my great grandmother who died of TB when my grandmother was very young, I am named after her. Though I never had the chance to meet her like my other great grandmothers, I feel like we share a bond. Every April 1st I call my grandmother or email her to tell her that I remember what the day is. On April 1st of ever year I know my grandmother and I as we go about our business that day are thinking of the same thing.

April 1 - 4

Yesterday was extra special. Chloe started back with soccer for the first time since we moved to Leesburg and I got to watch Miles at his baseball practice for the first time. Miles can be anything he wants to be when he grows up, but I have always thought it would be fun if he liked baseball since his initials are MLB {no that was not done on purpose}.

April 1 - 2

Yesterday was WARM or warm compared to the sub freezing temperatures that just don’t seem to want to leave the DC area.

April 1 - 3

Monday I ran 16 miles – it wasn’t the 20 I wanted but all things considered 16 miles for me right now was really good. It was crazy windy and wind happens to be the weather I despise running in the most. I wanted to quit in the first mile and if Eric’s mom wasn’t watching my kids for me, I would have.

4 treadmill miles for me this morning before 7 am. It wasn’t crazy fast and it’s certainly not crazy far but I felt light as a feather {even though I’m up way more than I want to be} and happy, really happy.

Registration for Rock n Roll Vegas Marathon, 1/2, and 1/2 of the 1/2 opened today! Vegas has fast become one of my favorite places. I’m already looking forward to the marathon this year – that’s normal to get excited this far in advance right?! http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/las-vegas/ 

Runner’s Club registration for Marine Corps Marathon opened today at noon – so I did what I do every year – registered! I love this race so much – it honestly would feel REALLY bizarre to not run this race. There are many things in my life that change but I pray that running this race every October is not one of them. As a side note $114.12 seems like a bargain for a marathon these days…..a little over $4 a mile……It’s on the 26th this year….. Hello awesomeness – I love the 26th of every month….. 10.26.2014

My birthday is in 9 days. I’ll be 32 and I’m no less excited for my birthday than I was at age 12. I’m not the least bit ashamed of that fact. I think everyone deserves at least one day a year where they can do whatever they want and not feel bad about it at all. I may have a glass of wine or five.

Mile Posts hit 11K on twitter {my account rounds up – yours might not} and seeing as that my birthday is the 11th and I love that number I’m pretty excited!!! It’s the little things in life – right?

Life is good.


Less than 3 weeks till Boston Marathon!! Who is excited?!?!

Hope you April is filled with lots of smiles and miles!


  1. sixteen miles is AMAZING! I can’t wait until 16 miles doesn’t take hours of self motivation, preparation and tons of advil after. giant kudos to you!

  2. April is my birthday month too (I’ll also be 32)! Can you tell I get super excited too?!? And I totally agree, one day that’s all about you…what’s not to love?!?

  3. Krystin says:

    Thanks for sharing Dorothy! Hope your birthday is extra special! 11k on twitter nice job lady! I think I have 20 followers ha ha ha!

  4. My grandmother’s birthday was April 1st, too. We lost her eleven years ago to lung cancer, but I raised a glass of bubbly to her memory last night. Cheers to history, heritage, and family.

  5. I love April too! Although April weather in Utah can sometimes be a little crazy :)

  6. Shannan says:

    My birthday is on the 11th too. Happy birthday month!!! :)

  7. I had to back out of Boston due to an injury. It will be a tough day for me. Will be missing all of you and cheering from SoCal. I forgot that you and I are both April babies! Happy early birthday!

  8. My birthday is April 9th so I have always loved April. I’ll be 28. I try to enjoy my birthday and this year I have a lot to celebrate!

  9. Happy Birthday month! : )

    Karen @karenlovestorun

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