I’m fairly certain that the thermostat in my body is permanently off. This mornings run was in long capris, a tank, a long sleeve zip up and a hat – I was chilly McCHILLY on the run and all the while I was thinking that my mom probably ran in a tank and shorts and was just DYING OF THE HEAT.

It was confirmed that the chill wasn’t in my head when I jumped in the shower and felt how cold the skin on my thighs were. I use to tell myself that it was because that was where all the fat sits on my body {oh Dorothy why do you hate your thighs so much – stop being mean to them – they move you} but really I just get cold faster and easier than most people. In case you are wondering I’m still cold and shivering in my house.

I had time for 4 quick miles {29:59 – 7:29 avg} before taking a 2 second shower and making my way to the gastroenterologist. Fun times. I’m really sick of feeling like sh$t. I realize that I’ve been under an immense amount of stress this year and I’ve gone through more changes – physically and emotionally – than one person should really have in a year, but something still feels off and I have to get to the bottom of it. This may be a dead end, or not – we will see.

The crappier I feel the more I appreciate my children. They are such a bright light to me – hugs and kisses from them cure all – if even just for a moment. Driveway snuggles are the best way to begin the day in 3rd grade. Blog - 9-24


This morning I had planned to wake up early do to a Jillian DVD before the kids woke up. Colton came in to my room and wanted to snuggle with me, so I picked that over getting out of my warm bed. No regrets there.

  • mile 1 – 8:13
  • mile 2 – 8:05
  • mile 3 – 7:05
  • mile 4 – 6:26

I’m wondering at what point in life do you learn to balance everything? Eric told me recently that balance is the key in everything in life, and maybe it is – so why then is it so hard to achieve. Just when one thing is on track, another seems off. Maybe it’s the gloomy weather today, which normally I LOVE, but I just feel off or sad – or both. I promised myself once I would only write when I was happy and had something positive to say but that’s ignoring a huge part of who I am and not being true to my inner self. Truth is that life is hard, harder than hard. It’s wonderful, simply wonderful, but hard.

Blog - 9-24 2

It’s for this exact reason I think we should focus on giving others the benefit of the doubt. We don’t know other people’s lives or their struggles, whether they are external or internal. Even those that choose to share or overshare their lives still have the parts of them that they keep to themselves.

I know this is one day, one moment in time, and yes this too shall pass.



  1. Hi, Dorothy! I’m so glad you got your blog back! Hope you can get the health mysteries solved soon; it’s hard enough looking after others when you’re feeling WELL. Be patient with youself! <— I'm the worst at doing this.


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