Anyone who runs knows that numbers matter. You know how many miles you run a week or how many minutes you ran that day – You know your fastest time in a certain distance – You know the time you are trying to beat – You know the farthest distance you have ever run.

For me numbers have become a bit of an obsession – I used to think they were random or didn’t much matter – now I know that the randomness of them is maybe not so random at all….

I woke up Friday morning ready for my last long run before Boston – all I needed was my ipod. I went to where I last remembered putting it and it wasn’t there. Instead of freaking out I took this as a sign I should attempt my run without music. I’m not a fan of music while running – yes sometimes I love it – but it’s mostly a love/hate relationship. On 20 milers alone it’s been a necessity only because I thought I couldn’t run that far without it. I set out a little nervous – actually a lot nervous that I would be so darn bored running alone for 3 hours that I almost caved and brought it with me when I remembered where it was at the last minute.

The thing about signs is that if you don’t pay attention to them you won’t see them even when they are right in front of you. I listened. My run was amazing and solidified in my head that the numbers that appear in my life are NOT random.

I ran past 26th street – it’s right next to a stone that is placed near a fire station in memory of 9/11. The stone says FREEDOM & ENDURANCE. I remember this stone because I saw it on my last LR before I found out I was pregnant with Miles – I cried when I saw it (probably a sign I was pregnant but hey even I miss some of the signs)

At the 10 mile turn around on my run there is a light post – I happened to glance over at the numbers on it – two letters followed by 818 – beneath it two letters followed by 44 (my husbands number). I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw this and had to turn back around, run back to the post and look at it again to make sure I read it correctly.

I finished my run and was getting into my car and saw some random numbers on the window – the last two I read – 262. I have never noticed this before.

8:18 – My husband and I look at the clock at this time – all the time – it happens so often now that we don’t even point it out to each other anymore. Long story short we took it as sign and got married on 8/18. When he got home from the grocery store tonight I glanced at the clock – 8:18.

4/24 – My sons birthday. Flight 0424 – My flight to Boston on 4/18

4/11 – My birthday. My flight from VA to Boston – 411 Miles

26.2 – The length of a marathon. 26 my age on 10/26 – the day on which I ran 26. 2 miles, 2 days, 6 months after having my 2nd child

8/18 – My wedding anniversary. 8:18 average pace I ran in the my first 10 mile race after having my first child.

4/20 – Boston 2009 – 4/20 the day my husband proposed to me

Yesterday 3/28 I ran out of gas on the way home – I stopped and got gas – when I looked at my receipt – It read 3/28 3:28pm

Last night I was messing around on facebook and noticed a new friend had run the same ten mile race I had run last October – so I looked up her time. 1:17:06 – My time at that race 1:17:06. We did not know each other then.

The marketing theme for Boston this year “3:36:10 – The Time of Your Life” My time at MCM 3:36:41 – the time of my life.

Only 3 more weeks till Boston……I’m getting excited!


  1. At the race on Saturday I was so jealous of my neighbors bib… 23 (my age). But then I got mine and was pretty happy bc it was 523 (5 miles, at age 23, also Zach’s bday, 5/23) :)

    I agree though, my number in sports was always 12 and I still always see it as a sign of luck when something falls on the 12th, happens at x:12… etc

  2. running to music is both good and bad at time, i agree. i run while listening to music a lot to keep from being bored (i tell myself), but i usually find myself tuning it out anyway. i find that after running for an hour or so, i can’t even remember what music i had been listening to.
    happy running. love your blog.

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