As some of you may remember I set some pretty aggressive goals for 2010. So aggressive that after I had written them down it got me all worried that they were too much. I did not allow myself to adjust them however. Part of achieving a goal is truly believing you can do it. If you think you can’t then you are already defeated.


On the last day in 2009 I reached the first one by going under 20:00 minutes in a 5K. Last week I reached the 2nd one by going under 3:30 in the marathon. My next challenge will be going under 1:10 in the 10 mile distance at Cherry Blossom on April 11th. My time last year was 1:12:26. This is my PR. Half the battle is with my mind – right? I will go under 1:10 – I will go under 1:10 – I will be repeating this to myself for the next couple of weeks in an effort to convince my mind to believe.


In the mean time I’m still in recovery mode. I took Monday – Friday completely off. No running, no yoga, no cross training. Saturday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and could still feel my dead legs. So instead of doing 10 Sunday I didn’t run at all. Yesterday I did 4 on the treadmill and even that was a struggle. I want to make sure not to over do it though and give my body enough time to recovery in order to get ready for some shorter races this spring.


It’s taking ALL my might not to double up and sign up for a 2nd marathon. I have never not done 2 right in a row. I have a focus now and that is on getting faster and stronger. I think a 2nd marathon might derail this. Though I can’t help my mind from wandering thinking about how last year I went from a 3:35 to a 3:31 in the same month.



On another note who is running Cherry Blossom????



I will be running it for the 6th time this year! It’s on my birthday and I couldn’t be MORE excited about the weekend. Three of my best friends are coming down to celebrate my birthday. Two will be running the race(their first ten miler ever!!) and RunMishiRun who has been sidelined with an injury will be cheering ME/US on. Hubby will be running. My mom will be there. And I’m trying to convince Miss Megan to run her first race post 2nd baby. PLEASE Megan?!?!?! This day is going to be special because I will be surrounded by people I love. My amazing friend Jess will be running – her b-day is April 10th! So I am hoping that everyone will go out for a celebratory lunch after :) Maybe I’ll even be wild and drink a mimosa or something. SMILE.
I have such great memories from the Cherry Blossom 10 miler. I ran it in 2006 when I was preggo with Chloe. It took me 1:50:26. I remember wanting a sign on my back that said NO I’m not fat – I’m pregnant(I was still in that akward stage of not looking pregnant but definately having gained some serious weight). Needless to say I had to make a couple of pee stops. Eric was with me the whole time and was very supportive of my slow pace! I ran it in 2007 after I had Chloe. It was the first 10 miles I had run since she was born. I set a PR at the time with a time of 1:22:54 – for an average pace of 8:18 per mile. In 2005 I ran it and my time was 1:28:38. In 2004 my time was 1:25:28.
GOOD LUCK to anyone who is running National or Shamrock this weekend! I will be thinking of you all :) Remember eat often and eat early on course. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. And most of all be patient, starting slow and finishing fast!




    You are right. Such a large part of reaching our goals is to believe we can!

    I am running Cherry Blossom. So excited. It will be my first 10 mile race!

  2. You know that quote-

    "Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars."

    It's always good to set big goals and go for them. How else will we push ourselves to reach our full potential?

  3. Staci Dombroski says:

    You can do it!!! I totally have faith you can do anything you set your mind to :-)

  4. shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama says:

    You are so inspiring with all you do!

  5. jessica hofheimer says:

    yay! thank you so much for this post…you are so inspiring on so many levels! i cannot wait for cherry blossom and will absolutely positutely join you for a celebration lunch after :o) i ran my last 10 mile race (this fall, ATM) in 1:28:43…my goal for Cherry Blossom is going to be 1:25. I CAN DO THAT. Shooting for the moon! Thanks for the advice and support for Shamrock this weekend – i am going to stay STRONG and POSITIVE and ENJOY each step of the way!! expect a call from me after :O) LOVE YOU. XO Jess

  6. Lisa Rini says:

    I'll be running Cherry Blossom. My first one! :)

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