I just put little person #1 on the bus for her last day of Kindergarten. I officially become a mom of a soon-to-be 1st grader this afternoon. How am I this old? Where did the time go?

I’m not sure how 5+ years have passed since she was born. It seems like a life time ago, yet at the same time it feels like it just happened. Is that strange?

I didn’t cry today. I smiled.

She is growing up fast but I love the person she is becoming. Last night in the car – she yelled to me that we were ‘like the same girl because we both liked the same music‘ then she said ‘mommy we are TWINS’ – I’d be twins with her any day.

SO thankful I was blessed to have her as my little person.

It’s truly hard to understand the love your parents have for you until you too become a parent. I am continually reminded of all my parents sacrificed to give me the life I had. I wouldn’t be who I am today with out them. I hope one day that Chloe grows up and thinks the same thing of me. I am FAR from perfect and make mistakes daily, but hopefully when she looks back on her childhood the happy memories will always outweigh anything else.

Is today the last day for your kids? If you don’t have kids do you remember what you felt on the last day of school? Excitement or sadness?


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  1. My litte person finished her last day of first grade on May 22! Where does the time go!?! What a sweetie pie!

  2. She is just precious Dorothy! My twins have their last day of pre-school today and are rising Kindergarteners. It certainly goes by fast, to think if I double their age they will be 10! These five have gone by so fast . 10 is not far away.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Such a beautiful little girl. I love watching your sweet family grow.

    I have a distinct memory of walking home the last day one year in elementary school. I don’t remember what grade, maybe 6th and moving on to junior high. The weather was beautiful and I felt completely free, yet somehow also very lonely. (Not sure where Ashley was.)

    Max and Seth have one more week, though most of it is half days. We’re definitely looking forward to summer.

  4. I love it when you comment on here :) I can’t believe how fast everyone is growing up. I feel like it was just yesterday that you were pregnant with Max…….I hope we all get to see each other soon! xoxo

  5. Where does it go? I feel like an old lady just saying that!

  6. Lisa – Thank you :) :) I do that all the time too. In 10 years I’ll have a kid who can drive and since almost 6 years has flown by I’m sure the next 10 will do the same. I didn’t realize we had kiddos the same age!!! Hope they enjoy their last day!!!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Wow. I just realized that it was ten years ago nearly to the day that I was just learning I was pregnant with Max. Life-altering in so many ways.

    A neighbor is trying to convince me to run the Rock-n-Roll half in Va Beach with her in September. Not sure I have it in me, but I’m going to try. Any chance you come down here for that?

  8. What a cutie patootie! I cherish nothing more in this world than the relationship I have with my mom. I had to share her growing up, being the youngest of 4, but even on the craziest of days, she made time to make me feel special, even if it was a hug or a simple I love you, to letting me ‘help’ her cook, or would read me a book, go for a ‘hike’ in our back yard, etc. As I grew older I still stayed super tight with her, even through those dreadful teenage years where I was a complete monster of a brat. But when I was in college and started to become an adult, our relationship truly blossomed into the best friendship I’ve ever known. She is the first person I call if I have fantastic news (or terrible news). Each weekend I call her and see if she wants to hang out, I don’t party to all hours of the night like others in their 20’s, I’d rather spend a weekend antiquing and gossiping over coffee, and just hanging out. We have regular sleepovers and my husband and I are actually building a house a 1/2 a mile from her place. I still can’t believe that it is really happening, I can’t wait to see her EVERY day. We girls with awesome moms are the luckiest in the world. I’m certain you and your daughter will have a similar story like mine to tell in the years to come! :)

  9. Aw! So sweet! I call M my “mini me” all the time! I want her to look at me that way as well! And it’s so true that you don’t fully appreciate your parents until you have kids of your own. My mom + I were close before I had MacKenna but we have gotten closer since (although I hate sometimes how she tries to tell me how to patent my child). Happy summer to you + your little ones!

  10. What a great day! My kindergarteners are graduating in two weeks I’m already getting mushy…sometimes I want to pull my hair out but I love all 25 of them!

  11. Dorothy, she is just adorable!!

  12. She looks exactly like you! What a beautiful little girl both inside and out. Enjoy the summer with her and your boys. I am a teacher and we finished school yesterday, it felt great not to have to get up and get out of the house at the crack of dawn this morning. Of course my 4 year old was up at 5:30 but the cup of coffee was a lot better enjoyed on the couch snuggling with him than in the car.

    Time with our little people goes way too fast, my oldest will be a pre-schooler in the fall and my youngest just started walking. I love watching them grow but it also makes me sad as I think about watching them get older and someday leave me. Enjoy your summer with those cute kiddos!

  13. Chloe is gorgeous, she is SO sweet! My little man is 2 1/2, I don’t need to think about school yet, but I’m aware he grows up every day and away from me and it kind of breaks my heart!! But he makes me laugh so much – his current best phrase is ‘wow, that’s amazing’ which I say all the time.

    Well done on giving up the Starbucks cold turkey – that’s a massive achievement!

  14. My little ones are still little, thank goodness. I am not ready to send them off to school yet. I do agree that times goes by too quickly when you have kids.

    Congrats on not having any Starbucks!!

  15. I know how you feel. My little one is finishing 1st grade. I cannot be old enough to have a kid in 2nd grade. BUT, it turns out that I am. I can’t imagine life before him.

  16. My little guy just finished Kindergarten yesterday. I was almost as emotional for the last day as I was for the first. I can’t believe it is over already. Plus I felt sad for him because he loves school so much and was so disappointed that it was over. Luckily he is pretty psyched for Summer camp.

  17. What a sweet little girl. My kids have been done with school for about 3 weeks!
    My little girl is going into 1st grade too and it makes me so sad how fast they are growing but so excited to see who they are becoming.

  18. I had this exact conversation with my sis-in-law last night: where has the time gone?!? I can’t believe that I am a soon to be mom of TWO. And that my little baby girl is going to be THREE soon and a big sister. Somehow I don’t feel old enough? Or qualified. But I love being a mom just the same. Sophia is just entering that stage where her unique personality is coming out. I love that my oldest is a girl:-) I can’t wait for those little conversations like you had with Chloe. So precious that she wants to be just like you! :-) I totally agree with you, motherhood is the BEST!

  19. Last Day was May 24th for us.
    Since May 25th I have a 1st grader and a 3rd (yikes) grader.
    It does not make me feel old..I am always one if not the oldest mom anyway and I dont care anymore but it makes me feel like time ..well life goes by fast…

    I was always sad on the last day, I remember it very well. Last day of High School was very hard for me.

  20. today is the last day of kindergarten for my oldest too. i’m feeling more excited about it than i am sad…we’ve got a summer ahead of us that’s filled with activities and trips, so we’re looking forward to it. however, her last day of pre-k was a different story…seeing her standing there in her mini-cap and gown was entirely TOO much for me to handle!!

  21. Katie @ msfitrunner says:

    I am right there with you!! My little person #1 is finishing up her kindergarten year in less than 2 weeks- so strange! I find myself getting more emotional about this than when she started K. She is also a young kindergartner- wont be six until October. And, my little #2 starts full day K as well, my two babies are off! #2 is also on the young side and won’t turn 5 until November, but she is ready:) then it will be just me and my 2 1/2 year old boy, doing lots of running together:) its amazing, though, to watch my 5 year old become such a little person with so many amazing qualities. I find her really coming into her own and she makes a lot of the same comments, like your daughter said with the music. I just love it all. Thanks for sharing:)

  22. I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I teach Kindergarten. It’s so bittersweet on the last day (ours was yesterday). It’s amazing to see how much they grow in just that one year!

  23. I just picked up my son from a 2 week school camping trip in the Canadian Rockies and it is so hard for me to believe I have a self sufficient 17 year old young man when only what seems like yesterday was his last day of kindergarten. I know what life is like, how busy it is with young children. My son was 2 1/2 years old when my twins were born so I certainly know what crazy looks like. But I encourage any moms with young children to love them lots, play cars and barbies, read books, have sleepovers, go camping, go for bike rides and ice cream because you are investing in the best account you will ever find. All the fatigue and craziness vanishes when you see the reward on your investment!

  24. Your daughter is just beautiful! My son will enter Kindergarden next year…I feel bittersweet about it. Time sure does fly.

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