This is the point of year I would typically be in the thick of marathon training. I’m not. Life got in the way of running this year. I can honestly say with all my heart I’m okay with it. I can not and will not beat myself up for the level I am at right now. I’m 32 years old, plenty of life ahead of me, and many more marathons in my future.

Colton started pre-school a couple of weeks ago and it has been such a blessing. I haven’t had time to run like this is I don’t know how long….time where I don’t have to get up at 4:10 am, run pushing a stroller, or rush through a run on the treadmill while trying to watch my kids. I can just be me and run and it’s absolutely nothing short of amazing.

Blog 9-23 Run 2

This morning I ran 12 miles just because and finished feeling on top of my world. I sat on the ground soaked in the moment. {and took a picture since clearly that’s what I do when soaking in a moment ;)}

Blog - 9-23 Run 4

I’ve been a mommy for 8 years now and most of those runs during that time have been either rushed, on a treadmill, or pushing a single, double or triple stroller. A very tiny part of me is sad that I won’t have any more little babies {does the itch to have a baby ever go away I wonder?}, but another part of me is leaping for joy, I’m ready for this next step of life.

Blog - 9-23 Run 1

Stretching this afternoon turned into little person snuggles – because why not right?

Blog 9-23 Run 3

  • mile 1 – 7:59
  • mile 2 – 7:59
  • mile 3 – 7:45
  • mile 4 – 8:20
  • mile 5 – 8:21
  • mile 6 – 7:58
  • mile 7 – 7:45
  • mile 8 – 7:52
  • mile 9 – 7:26
  • mile 10 – 7:52
  • mile 11 – 8:11
  • mile 12 – 7:53

12 miles – 1:35:48 – 7:59 average

Right now my running goals are to build back up my mileage and feel good inside and out again. Most of my runs have been easy paced. Once my mileage is back up I’ll add back in some speed.

I know it’s months away but I can’t wait to cross the finish line of the Honolulu Marathon with my 26Strong cadet Danielle. I love it when people get to experience a marathon and the first is one of the very best. I can’t wait to run by her side for 26.2 miles. I will then enjoy many a drink on the beaches of Hawaii with my Saucony friends and fellow 26Strong runners!! Just talking about it makes me smile. Have I told you lately how much I love running?


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