I LOVE reading books almost as much as I love running.

Books have the power to transform you in many ways similar to the transformation that can happen to your body, mind, and spirit in your journey as a runner.

George Barna, the author of Futurecast has written 47 books, and is the co-author of the book The Cause Within You, that I recently read and loved.

Being that I am a numbers girl, which I would argue allot of runners are, this book immediately drew me in. It gives cold hard stats on what is going on in the world today in terms of the trends, and what this means for the future of our country.

I found the information on media to be particularly interesting, because I at times have wondered if my love of blogging, twitter, facebook etc. is in fact an addiction of sorts [This is no way is implying that if you blog, love twitter and or facebook that you have an addiction to it – I am merely speaking of my own feelings toward my own use].

‘Based on criteria developed by the American Psychiatric Association, our devotion to media content is literally an addiction – perhaps the most widespread and insidious addiction in our society today.’

‘the only activity that takes more of our time [than media input] is sleeping.’ This is crazy. How many of you have said – I do not have time to workout, I do not have time to take up the sport of running, I do not have time to go to church, or time to volunteer to help others[I’m including myself in this group]. What if we lowered the amount of time we spent watching tv, going online, online shopping, browsing facebook, tweeting up a storm, blogging, etc. Would we then have more time to do things that really mattered? Ok I digress…..

Barna’s purpose in giving us the information in this book is so we know where we stand, what’s coming, and how we can re-direct it. He wants us to help change the world, one life at a time.

‘Armed with that knowledge and called by God to influence the world one life at a time, now is your moment — your chance to make a lasting, positive difference in the world by anticipating the future and shaping it in ways that demonstrate your life for God and His people…’

One of the most powerful statements in the book, that really touched me, and had me thinking on a much deeper level was this:

‘The world will not follow you if you look and behave just like the world. What is impossible for you is possible for God. Only if you align yourself with the right Leader, and devote yourself to carrying out His vision and plans, will you be able to go places you never dreamed were possible.’

It may sound cliche, and take this how you want – I am certainly not perfect but I would not be the runner and person I am today if it were not for God. He has truly taken the impossible in EVERY aspect of my life and made it possible. He can do the same for you.

If you, like me, love reading books that ultimately help you to become a better person then you will like this book.

**I was provided a free copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. The opinions are my own and I did not guarantee a positive review.


  1. Lauren @ The Running Cook says:

    That sounds like a really great book! I know I definitely struggle with figuring out the right amount of time to spend in media. I don't want to be totally disconnected because I don't think that's ideal, but it really eats up more of my time than it should! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Samson Family says:

    very interesting! I was intrigued and googled the book name and listened to some info on it! Definitely think the guy has a point on where the future is headed but thankfully God does not leave us without hope and lets us be apart of His plan :) thanks for sharing, very cool.

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