Are you a twitter newbie and looking for fun, informative, or inspirational runners to follow? From authors, to pro-runners, editors of Runners World, to Olympians – this list of 26.2 runners is sure to ROCK your twitter stream.


  • Mile 1: @runmeb – Christian, Proud father of three girls, 2 time Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist & 2009 ING NYC Champion
  • Mile 2: @bartyasso – CRO of Runner’s World
  • Mile 3: @joshcox – Dad. 50k Record Holder. 4 Olympic Trials. 3 US Teams. TV commentator. NFL nerd. Love God, Africa, Cholula, & @iCarrieCox.
  • Mile 4: @rwtish – Runner’s World editor, reader, instructor, writer, runner, mom of child from China, coffee with lots of cream, red wine, and OMG, who said yes to a puppy?
  • Mile 5: @dimityontherun – co-author of Run Like a Mother + Train Like a Mother; sports + fitness writer; dedicated, untalented runner; working on glass being half full. #MotherRunner
  • Mile 6: @sbsontherun – Writer, runner, mother of twins +1, & co- author of Run Like a Mother & Train Like a Mother (March 2012). Contributing editor for @RunnersWorld. #MotherRunner
  • Mile 7: @coachjenny – Author, Blogger, Adventrepreneur, Columnist-, Women’s Running, Nature is my Inspiration
  • Mile 8: @jbsamuelson –
  • Mile 9: @ryanhall3 – If we have thankful hearts we are untouchable.
  • Mile 10: @stevenargue – i work at mars hill. i study topics surrounding adolescence, emerging adulthood, and spiritual formation. i speak. i teach. i write. i run. i drink coffee…
  • Mile 11: @dickbeardsley – motivational speaker and in Boston 1982 ran 2:08:53.  5th Fastest American born marathoner
  • Mile 12: @markremy –
  • Mile 13: @nicksymmonds – Olympic Athlete. Outdoor Enthusiast. Entrepreneur
  • Mile 14: @mariofraioli – senior producer at athlete. writer. running coach. former baller. running shoe guru. m&m addict.
  • Mile 15: @lolojones – The Official Twitter of the Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones.
  • Mile 16: @ryanflotrack – Ryan from Flotrack, traveling around the world.
  • Mile 17: @laurenfleshman – Pro Runner, Picky Bar Creator, and spontaneously nutty chick. 2 x US Champ and just finished NYC Marathon. Whoop!
  • Mile 18: @fastfoodiecooks – i run, cook, write, eat, sleep, repeat
  • Mile 19: @paulajradcliffe – Fastest Women’s Marathoner in  history. 3 times winner of London and New York Marathons
  • Mile 20: @anngaff – Entrepreneur (,, Former Pro Track Athlete, Computer Geek, @kcmetrosports Our Season co-host. Track, soccer, MMA fan
  • Mile 21: @chrissolinksy – Runner by trade and husband to my beautiful wife Amy, and an outdoor enthusiast (hunting, fishing, camping, hiking), and I have a Golden named Tucker!
  • Mile 22: @clindyrun – Saucony CMO.  Bonfire brand builder.  Dad.  Husband.  Runner, skier, golfer.  Aspiring surfer.  Political talk show junkie.
  • Mile 23: @trackjenny – Professional runner for Team New Balance and young padawon of the United States Air Force Academy.
  • Mile 24: @5280runnergal – Social Media Mgr at Exclusive Resorts. Run for @RunnersRoostCO Elite Race Team, CO native, dog lover.
  • Mile 25: @dtrott400m –  Model and Professional Track & Field Athlete. My event is the 400m. 2004 4x400m Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x USA Champion Indoor/outdoor combined.
  • Mile 26: @mileposts [ME] – Runner. Writer. Blogger. Coach. Christian. Mommy of 3. 3:13:14 Marathoner @saucony Hurricane Captain 2011 @ministryofnuun Ambassador. Dream Big Run Long ™
  • Mile 26.2: @richiewoodworth

Do you follow these runners? Suggest other runners you LOVE in the comments below! [feel free to suggest yourself]


  1. What a great list! A few of these are new to me. Being an injured runner stinks and I can’t wait to be competitive again. My other favorites to add would be @runtheedge guys, they are fun, experienced and motivating.- They have an awesome!/search/users/runtheedge book out as well.

    And @karagoucher, who I’m a huge fan of too :)

  2. Follow – @OneDayRun (on 02.29.12 – Make Leap Day Count!); @peterdamico; @McRunner26

  3. In addition to many runners on your list, I also follow Scott Jurek (@ScottJurek) – he’s the king of pain!

  4. Great post! I’ve just dipped a toe into the tweeting world and this is perfect! @MOTPrunning

  5. Great list! <3

  6. This is great! I love connecting with other runners on Twitter. Such a fun community!

  7. Great idea! In terms of pro runners I follow

    My favorite running bloggers (you included!) are…

    Crazy Running Girl ( @loramarie03
    Skinny Runner ( @skinnyrunnerSR
    Twelve in Twelve ( @Minnesota_Ann

    and me :) @GFreeRunner

  8. Great list!!! You can also follow me @tonee78, I am a runner!!!

  9. I need to learn to tweet!

  10. I think I am missing out on great stuff.

  11. Mile Posts By Dorothy Beal says:

    @ shelly:
    Shelly you should totally get on twitter!! Much easier to keep up with the bloggers/running you love :) [and it’s fun]

  12. Awesome list. I’m adding myself as I am a runner too.

  13. Fantubulous post idea, my friend! I might have to copy you with an original list of my own!

  14. Great list! Thanks, I found some new ones to follow.

  15. Follow us as we try to get more youth involved with running.

  16. Thanks for the list! I follow some of these, but will definitely add the others! I am @coreymarie13

  17. Great list!! Thanks so much! I am training for the NYC Marathon 2012, follow me on twitter @journeywspirit

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