It’s no secret that doing the “extras” will help you when it comes to your running. Those extras might seem like a waste of time if you are the type of runner who doesn’t run for performance but simply to stay in shape and enjoy life. I will tell you however that as you age, you have to do these “extras” or they might just become something you HAVE to do to keep running. I’m only 33 {old by the standards my ten-year-old-self had but young by my-hopeful-my-lifespan standards} and I can already tell that my body does not recover from running the way it did in my 20’s.

TRX Post


It was no problem at all training for and racing marathons while having young babies, now I wish I had half the motivation and energy I had back then! The extras as they call them, are becoming part of my weekly life. I’m excited to have added TRX to my basement “gym” – I love that no weights are involved and I can pack it up and take it with me when traveling. My legs are on fire today and I’m loving in. A friend once told me that they craved being sore every day – which made no sense at the time {I wasn’t a runner and hated the gym} – now I get it. I like waking up and saying oo – ahh – okay I guess that worked :)

I have the TRX Home Suspension Trainer that can be found HERE

Have you ever wondered however what exercises you should be specifically doing that would benefit you as a runner?

TRX put together this handy little post/video for you – check it out HERE

In this first installation of our For the Love of the Run series, professional runner and sub-four-minute-miler David Torrence and TRX Head of Human Performance, Chris Frankel, show you how to improve your posture as well as develop your ankle and hip mobility. As a runner mastering your mechanics will make you faster, more efficient and will help to reduce your risk of injury. This program will help you break down your run into foundational movements to perfect your technique, improve your mobility, and add strength and power to your stride.

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The TRX train section of their website has a wealth of information when it comes to workouts, so while this may seem a little intimidating at first don’t let it scare you!

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