One of the things I think about when I take time off from writing here….is that I have more time to actually RUN and do the things I talk about, rather than just talk about them.

I think at the beginning of every month and certainly every year it is good to analyze your priorities.

Besides the usual priorities in my life – my kids and my family – I want to make myself a priority.

This means when choosing between writing here, cleaning the house up, doing the dishes, or running – 9 times out of 10 I’m going to pick running. Running makes me feel better from the inside out. When I am having a rough day, nothing cures it quite like a run. When I am having a GREAT day nothing feels more celebratory than a good run. Running is so much more to me than just a way to exercise and burn calories – though I do enjoy those side effects.

Today I fit in more than I’ve been able to lately. Cleaning, dishes, a Jillian Michaels DVD, running and now taking a moment to reflect and record here.

Each run teaches me something. Today’s lesson was – going the extra point two only works if you are doing it for internal reasons and not because you are trying to impress anyone or brag.

I had exactly 55 minutes to fit in a run before I needed to be at the bus stop to get Chloe. I started out the run at an 8:30 pace and slowly dropped the pace down.

Note: when I am on the treadmill I never slow the pace [unless it is for cool down miles]. I only increase the pace as I run. I do it little by little knowing that whatever pace I increase it to is the pace I am committed to running the entire rest of the run. This teaches me pacing and also teaches me how to start slow and finish fast.

When I was at 4.9 miles I realize that I had 14 minutes to finish my run. I wanted to get in 7 miles and the only way that was going happen was if I ran sub 7 for both miles. I started to drop the pace faster and faster. My chest heaved and I regretted each time I upped the speed. at 6 miles in I realized that I didn’t have time to go the .2 on the end of this run and still get Chloe. Maybe I should just stop at 6.2 so I had my .2. That would have been cheating myself. Was I running the extra point two on runs so I could brag about it, or was I running the extra point two because I want to push myself this year.

Push myself.

I ran 7 miles in 53:35 – 7:35 average. [I started at 8:30 pace – finished at 6:15 pace]

I jumped off the treadmill ran downstairs and out of the house to get Chloe.

My heart was still racing as we walked into the house.

I had more in me.

Back to the treadmill I went to run 1.2 for a cool down.

It was the best run I’ve had in a long time because it built back my confidence. My motivation has been wavering lately. It does every winter. When I first started running marathons I only ran them in the fall because I hated the winter and being cold. Once I qualified for Boston that changed. I had to train for a spring marathon. After Boston I craved the feeling of entering the warmer weather fit and thus began the cycle of fall and spring marathons.

Last night I reflected why I didn’t want to run a spring marathon.

It occured to me I was still wrapped up in my time and speed and wasn’t being true to my inner self.

I may PR this spring, I may not. I don’t know what the outcome will be.

I’m learning to embrace not knowing what the future holds.

Being TRUE to myself I decided that I needed to train for a marathon this spring. SO I signed up for one and then I signed up for another and it felt DARN GOOD.

I’ve had an inner smile I feel in my heart ever since I hit the send payment button. It was a small price to pay for what I know will be more memorable days.


Going #theextrapointtwo in running doesn’t always have to literally be .2. Don’t cheat yourself – push yourself.

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  1. Denise C. says:

    What marathons are you going to run?! I have 3 halfs and 1 full on my schedule for 2013!

  2. Great work! Life should be a constant analyzing and adjusting ourselves. Good luck on your race schedule

  3. I love this post, you are such a rock star!!

  4. Good for you Dorothy! You’re going to be great in both of the marathons! :)

  5. I have had some great runs where everything “clicks”. When that happens it’s easy to achieve and maintain a fast pace, positive feelings just run through me, and at the end I feel fantastic. I find that regardless of how my training runs are going I must have future races planned so goals exist to keep improving. On the days I can’t get it all to “click” I think of that next race and try harder on the next run.

  6. Love your shirt!!! Xoxo

    Which marathons?!?

  7. I think the way you run on a treadmill is awesome! I have a bad habit of starting at a certain pace, speeding up, then bumping it back down, then bumping it back up for a fast finish. I need to work on my willpower, although I only run on a treadmill about 10-20 times a year, only when I’m staying in a hotel. I’m going to try and apply your methods to my next treadmill run.

  8. I had to bail in the middle of a run on Monday due to a work thing. On Tuesday, I wasn’t going to worry about it… but ran .20 extra to make up for the .16 I was short from the day before. I JUST HAD TO. lol

    Enjoy your training. I’m working on training for my first half and, honestly, I prefer running in the cold to the heat of summer. SO this is good for me right now! Remind me of that later.

  9. I really fell off with my training this winter! I’ve been a bigger sissy to the cold this year than ever in past years – I used to actually enjoy getting out there in frosty temps! A race to train for is probably just the motivation I need :)

  10. I love the concept of only increasing pace on the treadmill. One of my go-to treadmill workouts is to simply increase the pace every 2 minutes until I hit my time or distance goal. Working in 2-minute increments makes it easier to push through tough spots (since you only think ahead to the next pace bump) and helps me deal with the monotony of the treadmill.

    And two more marathons is always a good thing!

  11. I do the exact same thing when I run on a treadmill. I just wish I could get myself to it on outdoor runs.

    I can really relate to the running up until the last possible minute and pushing harder to get it done run then jumping in the car to get kids. It happens often with me too. Always nice to hear of others who do the same thing from time to time.

    Good luck with your spring marathons!!

  12. This post is amazing just like you =)

  13. Jen Thoennes says:

    My running motivation often wavers in the winter. Single digit temps, negative wind chill, ice all makes me want to sit on the couch. This year is the first year that my motivation has only increased. This year I discovered all these blogs about women/moms doing the same thing. Trying to get miles in, time for themselves, and I thought where the heck have I been?? Now I read these blogs and I say if you all can do it, if all of you have the same time constraints and are fighting for motivation then I’m not alone and I go for a run. It’s been awesome!

    Glad you had a great run I love those that build your confidence and help remind you why you do it

  14. Which races did you sign up for?

    When are they?

  15. I just finished Houston on Sunday and am itching to sign up for another already… I’m trying to hold myself back and be smart about it. But yay for two more this spring! And especially for the confidence boosting run- those are the best!

  16. Was one of them San Francisco and you are going to come and take the most awesome high-five picture with your best buddy runner dude friend? I hope so.

    Great job on pushing it. I’m hoping to PR this year as well… in ALL distances.

  17. Great job! Sounds like an amazing run and way to go taking your time down so much!!

  18. Funny how when you’re actually doing stuff, you don’t have as much time to write about doing stuff.

  19. Good for you on not copping out at mile 6.2! I need to take a page from your book [or more like, a whole chapter or so…]

    Cheers :)

  20. Great post! Totally inspired me to run each mile faster on my run home from work last night, which at the end includes that last hill from the Marine Corps Marathon course, and is usually one of my slower miles. Good luck with your marathons this year!

  21. You often talk about wanting to stop this blog. I think you can agree that this blog is one of your biggest motivators in your running. All this feedback is what fuels the fire for you. Ask yourself if you no longer had people leaving comments, tweets, or “likes” on FB, would you still have the drive to continue and push yourself as much as you do? If all that was taken away – if you cut ties with Saucony even – would you still just run to run? Most runners don’t have “audiences” or Saucony deals. Most are not out there to make a name for themselves. I think you need to ask yourself how long you’re willing to keep the show going. Test yourself and see if you can continue (stroller running, training, racing) without an audience.

  22. Found your post about a Bible verse for every mile and it lead me here. As a newbie runner, I am so inspired and encouraged by the support runners give, no matter how fast, how far, or how long you’ve been running! Thank you!!!
    For years I was the cowbell ringer cheering on my husband all the way to Boston. Never thought I’d join the race, too! But God has called me to this and so my journey begins. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this blog. You are very motivating!!!

  23. Way to make that inner you smile! It’s important to do in everything we do. We’re the only one we need to make happy!! Way to take the plunge and sign up for 24 and 25!!!

    Oh, and your adds on the right really want me to buy a Pinarello…I think I’ll go tell my wife :) I wish they weren’t out of my price range- they are so gorgeous! My first racing bike (’93 or ’94) was a used Pinarello Traviso- it was a gorgeous piece of art!! Sorry for the side track from your post :)

  24. Hey Jane – I wish you had left your email so you would see this response – but maybe you will come back and see it. I do agree that this blog is a huge motivator. I love connecting with other runners. I think you made some very valid points – I would only disagree on the fact that this is a show. This is who I am – it’s why some people love me and some people hate me and think I’m whiny and who cares if I have to train early in the morning or pushing my kids in a stroller. I was a runner long before I had this blog and one day when this blog is no longer I will still be a runner. I think I go through waves of motivation – just like anyone else does – it just happens to be that I share my struggles on the internet. I think it’s important to share the lows and not act like my life is all rainbows. Hope that makes sense. Thank you for your thoughts – they made me analyze :)

  25. Glad you liked that post!! :) [and glad you found my blog!]

  26. I love how nonchalant this post was, but how much it actually had to say. I appreciate this perspective and the thought between whether you were doing something for you or to tell people about it. Sometimes when I head out for a certain pace I wouldn’t like to post online, I’ll end up running faster than I’m supposed to just so I can still be publicly proud of my time. That’s something I need to stop. And congrats on the two marathon sign ups. Can’t wait to hear which!

  27. Dorothy – I actually thought you wouldn’t respond. Do you think you could still maintain your current level of running if you stopped this blog, and deleted your FB and Twitter accounts? Could you live without all the daily feedback? What would come of your running if you cut all ties with Saucony? Ask yourself would you continue training like you do if know one ever heard about it again? My point – are you running for all the right reasons?

  28. Pretty sure the only right reason do be doing all of this is if it makes me happy inside – which it does!! It made me happy long before I had this blog and it will make me happy long after it is gone. I’d be sad if I didn’t have my twitter account because I really do like the community of runners that are on it….so I guess YES I do firmly think that I do things for me and not for anyone else or any outside feedback. If I just did stuff for blog feedback or blog hits then I would run a marathon every weekend, or run 100 mile weeks or other stunts just to impress others. I’m not trying to impress anyone but myself. There are plenty of workouts I do, runs I go on or races I run that never make it to my blog….I guess I should explain better what I mean when I say at times I want to stop blogging because clearly what I am intending to come across is coming across wrong :) Hope you are having a nice day!

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