Today is day four of my early to bed and early to rise routine. I’ve set my alarm for five and haven’t been hitting snooze.

One thing I learned the first time I transitioned to early morning wake ups was that hitting snooze was the death of me. I never went fully back to sleep and would think about how I didn’t want to get up for the day yet. I wanted to stay warm and snuggled in my bed. When I get right up I don’t have time to think about getting up, I just do it.

This morning I ran 8 miles on the treadmill while watching episode two and the beginning of episode three of Years Of Living Dangerously.

I wrote a post last week for the Women’s Running Blog on 10 series I have enjoyed that have kept me entertained through countless treadmill miles. Most of those series were crime dramas, but I’m also a big fan of documentaries.

I consider myself a student of life and make an effort to learn one new thing every single day. I haven’t given much thought to global warming before and this series has already opened my eyes to the many facets of the topic. I started to get choked up during episode three because of its focus on Hurricane Sandy. 8 miles seemed like plenty. If you are looking for something new to watch on the gold old treadmill, I highly recommend it.

Miles was home sick yesterday and all my kids are home today because of another snow day. I worry about little man Miles when he gets sick because it always hits him harder than it hits my other kids. When he was really little we ended up in the hospital for days because he had RSV and every time he gets sick that miserable experience is the first thing that comes to mind.

I don’t mind snow days. Snow days feel like rain days to me, a chance for everything to slow down just a bit.

Snow Day

Followed up my run with some kettlebell swings. I’ve been focusing on strength more than I have ever before and I’m really enjoying – loving? – it. It’s making me feel strong in new ways and helping me push past some of the barriers I have placed on myself.

Yesterday I packed up all the pre-orders for the #irunthisbody hooded shirts and hopefully today I will be able to make my way to the post office. I feel incredibly grateful when I pack up orders – it makes me happy to see so many people have embraced what I Run This Body means, it is about so much more than running.

I’ve been doing a lot of internal reflection lately, more journaling, and more reading. Instead of the reflection stressing me, it’s helping me. I feel happy in a different way than I have felt before. I don’t have anything in particular that I’m feeling extra good about, more so I am choosing to be so very thankful for life in general. It feels really, really good.

Thanks for following along on my life journey.

xoxo Dorothy

Dorothy Beal 3

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