My blog is a continual work in progress.  Like my life – I like it allot but there are parts about it that I’d love to improve.

You may notice two very small changes. Take that back.  You probably have not noticed these changes so I will point them out for you!

An updated ‘About Me’ – I hope this about me section will give you a small glimpse into my life and inspire you in yours.  No matter what life throws our way those who are most successful learn to keep on pushing.  It doesn’t matter how many times we fail in life but that we keep on getting up and trying again.

In running I firmly believe we are only limited by what our mind believes is possible. 

When applying for this years Saucony Hurricane Team there were some changes, one of which included time standards.  I looked at these times and thought to myself I will never be this fast.  I can never be considered competitive.  The only distance that I met the time standard in was the 10K.  My mom promptly reminded me that I never thought I would be as fast as I am now.  She reminded me that the only way I have gotten faster was not only through hard work, but through believing I could get faster.  My mind has not been a roadblock but rather a treadmill pushing me forward.  Mind over matter – right?

You too can improve – believe it.  As the saying goes – if I can do it – you can do it.  I truly believe that.

I didn’t run as a child.  My parents stressed the importance of academics, sports were not something I was involved in. I never, like most children, ran a timed mile.

In 2011 I hope to officially race a mile for the first time ever, but in the mean time I have been doing timed miles on my own to keep assessing my fitness level in order to alter my marathon training program and paces.

Yesterday on the last mile of a 4 mile treadmill run I attempted to break my unofficial mile PR.  Could I do it? I talked myself through the first 3 miles.  I told myself PR’ing was about believing I could and not about my actual physical capabilities.  My mind would run my body, not the other way around.

5:49 (2011)

Here are my tips for doing a timed mile on the treadmill:

1. If you are warming up beforehand and not stopping before the timed mile begins then make sure you are up to top speed a tenth of a mile before you actually hit the mile mark.  This ensures that your entire mile is the pace at which you set your treadmill. I also run till the mile is .01 over to make sure that I ran the entire mile and didn’t stop short.

2. You can do it the old fashioned way with a stop watch. Right before the turn of the mile get ready to hit start.  As soon as you see the mile – hit your start button and wait till the mile is indeed over.  There will probably be a small margin of error in your time due to a second or two lag in hitting start or in hitting stop.

3. Do your warm up and then stop the treadmill.  Start the treadmill back up and run exactly a mile and note the time that you hit .01 over the mile mark.  This is your timed mile time.

Happy Friday and welcome to the new blog followers!



    I am constantly impressed by your speed progression. It gives me hope. How do you decide what speed to pick for your mile on the treadmill? Do you increase or decrease it at all during the mile?

  2. Amanda@runninghood says:

    This is fabulous! I find that it is harder for me to run these times off the the treadmill. So much more mental for me personally…just breaking that 6 minute mark is a huge mental accomplishment! I am debating whether to run my 4-5 repeat miles today on the TM and just plug in 6:31 pace and 1.0 incline or attempt them on the track or road. I'm not sure I am at a place today to push myself on the road or track and keep up with the pace. What are you thoughts about this? TM or outside on a track or road…what do you find best for you? I'm also tempted to try out a sub 20 5k on the TM today just to see how it feels since I have yet to do that in a race after all these years. I think it will feel lovely…ha! Yeah right!

    Again, great job on your mile PR after 3 miles! You go girl! off to read your About Me section.

  3. says:

    You are amazing and I enjoy reading your blog so much! I continuously work on the mind over matter thing (if you don't mind, it doesn't matter, right?). It's so difficult sometimes. I need to BELIEVE!!!

  4. Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal says:

    @TMB – I'm going to do a whole blog posting dedicated to the treadmill and pacing! I recently read something on someone else's blog[going to have to try to find it now b/c of course I can't remember who – actually it might have been yours? Did you write about slacking on the treadmill???] but it totally changed the way I look at the treadmill and I've had easier treadmill runs ever since. But to answer your question. I keep the pace the exact same because I do the 1st option – so if I changed the pace then I wouldn't know the exact mile pace. I've thought about doing the 1 mile on the treadmill and just slowly increasing the speed over the mile. I'm wondering if maybe that is easier and could result in a faster mile time??

    Hmm…how do I pick the pace. Nothing scientific I just decide what number I really, really want that day and see if I can do it. This time I really wanted to see a :4 something but knew I didn't want to try low :4's since my outside mile pr is a 5:52. I was honestly scared to attempt any lower than 5:49 for fear I might fall of the treadmill!! [funny but true!]

  5. your


  6. Julie D. says:

    Thanks for following, Dorothy! I admire you as an incredible runner and mom! Your blog is always an encouragement to me and I'm so excited to really start working toward getting faster and stronger. Congrats on the PR!! AMAZING!

  7. WOW… I wrote a post recently about how much I HATE Milles (my treadmill)… I cannot wait to see your future posts.

  8. Thanks for sharing so much. You have definitely given me some inspiration and some more strength to not give up the dreams. I may be way older, but I still can dramatically improve my life through running! You are proof of that!

  9. Amanda@runninghood says:

    Loved reading your About Me section! Fabulous and Inspiring story Dorothy. You're amazing in many ways. So glad you are using your gifts to inspire, encourage and motivate others. Colton and I share a birthday. :) NOv. 9th. Same day 31 years apart. 😉 So awesome that you've had the opportunity to be involved in running in so many ways…the places you've worked, your Saucony team, etc. Excited to read more of your blog. I'm not the best at keeping up with 3 kids of my own ages 5 and under but I try! :) Oh, and I"m still trying the Kinvaras…just was moving a little too fast in them. I'm wearing a neutral shoe now and it feels good so I'm thinking I can slowly start alternating with the Kivara and I'll be good to go! :) I'd like to try some of their other shoes sometime too. You'd think after so many years of running that I would have more knowledge of shoes but I don't. Best of luck to you!

  10. ~ jessica says:

    nice job Dorothy!

  11. Melissa says:

    I noticed right away that your pic didn't have the Saucony shirt anymore. Nice mile spilt. My goal is to break the 6 min. mile. Good tip on speeding up before beginning the mile. I can see how that would work on the track as well.

  12. Susan T-V says:

    This is a great blog!! I'm excited to have found it and hope I will be able to encourage you as much as you are encouraging me now!!

  13. runaroundmyblog says:

    I love your blog! I hope after I have my first baby this June, I can transition into running and being a mother as easy as you have (with three kids)!!! Keep on writing! ;o)

  14. Stefanie D. says:

    I just found you courtesy of Racing with Babes! Loving your blog!

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