1. Somewhere between the 4 and 6 month mark a magical thing happens to babies, they are finally sturdy enough that you can hold them on your hip with out them flying all over the place. Colton hit that mark this week. It’s making my life infinitely more easy!  Hooray baby C!

2. I’m a ball of nerves. Literally I liken a marathon to prom or something. You look forward to it for months and months then all of the sudden it’s here and you are like HOLY S**T. Where did the time go? I’m not sure why I always feel this way, but it’s like I need to get a million and one things finished before I can run. This is completely irrational because on any given Saturday during marathon training I’m running for hours on end, which is the same thing I will be doing this Saturday. Maybe it’s because I have to trek to DC? Not sure. I think it would be really cool if instead of small towns offering 5K’s and 10K’s they put on marathons. Imagine being able to roll out your front door and start your marathon. A girl can dream right?

3. It never, ever, ever gets old hearing people tell me good luck speedy. When you come from 11 minute miles and are used to thinking of everyone but you as being fast its an incredible feeling for people to call you fast or speedy. Every single time someone says it to me – I smile and blush. Who me?  You think I’m fast?  I’m honored. No joke honored every time someone compliments me on my running.  It’s one of the best feelings in the world. 

and while I’m at it – why not add a 4th thing….

4. Speed is a state of mind.  When I started running, I ran on average 11 minute or slower miles.  When I started running in the 10’s I thought of myself as fast. I can remember calling my friend Claire after a race and jumping for joy that I had run a race and every single mile was in the 9’s. I was fast! There will always be someone faster than you and on the flip side, someone slower than you. Being fast is not about running 5 minute miles – it’s about being fast for your individual self and that my dear friends is better than being blessed with a natural talent of speed, in my opinion.

May the wind be at your back this weekend as you run!!  Remember we are all fast – it’s a state of mind, not a speed.

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  1. I completely agree on speed being a state of mind. I always say that it's all relative. If you can keep that mindset, you're ahead even before the starting gun. Good luck this weekend!

  2. 3:59:59. Bitches. says:

    Didn't realize until I looked at your marathon list at left what amazing progress you've made, speed-wise. There's hope for me yet! National Marathon was my first, back in '07, so I have fond memories. Hope you make some great memories (and great time) on Saturday. P.S. Adorable picture!

  3. 3:59:59. Bitches. says:

    Didn't realize until I looked at your marathon list at left what amazing progress you've made, speed-wise. There's hope for me yet! National Marathon was my first, back in '07, so I have fond memories. Hope you make some great memories (and great time) on Saturday. P.S. Adorable picture!

  4. I will try to remember this. I hope it isn't too windy for National.

  5. Kerrie T. says:

    SO true about the speed. I was trying to write about that same thing and couldn't figure out how to say it! Good luck speedy! 😉

  6. Michelle says:

    #4 rings so true! I read all of these blogs and never think I can do it. But, yesterday (after weeks of speed work) I pushed myself under an 8 minute mile for 6 miles + 1 w/u and 1 c/d. I went 8 miles and think I could've gone farther! These runs are for me….I just love reading what everyone else is doing too! Thanks!

  7. I love this! I have been an 11-minute-mile girl for a long time, but you have inspired me to know that I CAN get faster :) Last Saturday I ran 6 miles and my last mile was 9:15!!!!! I was so thrilled with myself :)

    I hope your marathon is great! I still get all nervous and feel like I'm going to throw up before a 5k, even though I know I'll be close to the last runner. Not sure why that is!

    Your little boy is SO cute!

  8. Jessica (The Pace of Me) says:

    Wonderful, wonderful post and SO TRUE. Good luck Speedy, and have fun!!!! xxoo

  9. mickiruns says:

    YAY baby C! That's a great milestone.

    I agree with speed being a state of mind, I thought I was 'average' a few years ago, and now it blows my mind that I'm almost 2 minutes faster. It's a great feeling!

  10. carlybananas says:

    Best wishes for a good healthy run on Saturday!

    I'm an 11 minute miler and I think I will be for life. Sometimes it's hard to read about people who were able to shave so much time off of their miles and yet I'm not able to. But then I remember I love what I'm doing and speed is just one component of running. If I can get faster, that will be great, but if not I love getting out there and just running. :)

  11. rock

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh. my. gosh. Colton is sooooo sinfully cute. I want to hold him!!! you are so speedy and I don't have to wish you good luck. I feel your pain with the anxiety. I am MORE nervous about getting to DC in time on Saturday morning than I am about the race. I am such a worry wart though! :) I'm ALL ABOUT a Northern Virginia marathon/half marathon that is west of DC!!!! you don't need it, but, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Ashley S.

  13. OK, I had to weigh in here. Let's be clear — the only folks who can NOT call you speedy are Kenyans or 15-year old beanpole cross country runners (or named Shalane).

  14. Rebecca Samson says:

    Love when you can hold them on your hip- a right of passage!

  15. You are freaking SPEEDY!!!! I am so excited for you :) I cannot wait to hear how you do this weekend… and also CANNOT wait ot meet you in just over 3 weeks! AHHHH

  16. Julie D. says:

    Good. Luck. Speedy!! I am so inspired by your progress. KILL it. this weekend.

  17. Chris Duckworth says:

    Good luck, Speedy (and yes, you are quite speedy!).

    I know the euphoria, though, of hitting new time goals. On my last 13, I hit three miles sub-8:00, and a few just over 8:00 and felt great! I thought to myself, "My body is telling me I can do this. Not quite yet, but I will be able to run a half – even a full? – at this pace one day. It is pretty darn exciting …

  18. Jessicah Duckworth says:

    So excited that my husband found your blog. Thanks for your inspiration! A mom of three also, I'm running the half tomorrow with most of my miles in the 10s and perhaps a couple in the 9s. Speed is a state of mind. That is my mantra! May the wind be at your back as well! Peace.

  19. Run with Jess says:

    love your comparison of marathon to the prom!! So true!
    And you're dead on about the speed thing… my race last Sun, I hit 8:54 avg pace… OMG, my avg pace just started with an EIGHT!! Last year at this time, I struggled to get out of the 11's!

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