My mom with her three girls!
1.  I live fifteen minutes from an airport and LOVE it.  Why?  Not for the oh-it-is-so-convenient-for-traveling reason that you might think but because every time I see a plane fly over I am reminded of my personal mantra – Dream Big * Run Long.  People once thought flying was impossible, but the Wright Brothers didn’t give up and think ‘oh people can’t fly – so why even bother trying’  They had a go-get-em attitude and Dreamed Big.  They may not have ran long but they certainly prove that believing in yourself is one of the first steps in achieving what you or someone else never thought possible.

2. I am the eldest of four children, one boy and three girls.  My nicknames as a child were Bossy Boots and Zippy.  Bossy Boots came from my know-at-all-I’m-in-charge-attitude.  [I’m still working on that one] and Zippy came from the song Zippity-do-dah.  My dad used to call me Dorry-do-dah and it sort of just morphed to Zippy.  I really love the nickname, though my uncle is the only one who still uses it.

3. I’m racing Sunday!  My first 8K race since June of 2009.  I’m Dreaming Big for Sunday!

My workout for the day was a tempo.  I didn’t think I would get to run the way my day was going so I was SUPER happy to be able to fit in a 5 mile tempo, 2 miles at a tempo pace of 6:40.  I like to switch up my tempos to keep my body from plateauing.  Some weeks I run a relatively slower pace[it’s not slow for me at all] and do it for 5 miles, other weeks I speed up the pace and do it for less miles.  I always make sure to do 2 miles warm up and if I have time, a 2 mile or more cool down.  Today I only had time for a 1 mile cool down, as little man Colton, who turned 4 months old yesterday, was NOT happy sitting in his bouncy watching me run. 

What’s your weekend workout this weekend?  Running long? Racing?  Make sure to DREAM BIG!


  1. Good golly you're gonna smoke the 8k! See you then! YAY!

  2. Your mom looks awesome in that picture. We miss her out on the track!

    I'm racing the Four Courts on Saturday (first real race post-injury) but hope to get out to cheer all of you on at the race on Sunday. Good luck!

  3. What a beautiful family!!

    I really like that idea about tempos… I am going to have to try that :)

    GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!

  4. Yay 8k! I'm running it too…and while I'm going to attempt to PR it (have run the Shamrock 8k in Portland OR for the past 3 years), I will still be approximately eleventy billion minutes behind ya. :)

  5. Smoking tempo! Nice job! I'll see you at the 8K…although I'm running it as a recovery run, so I'll just see your dust… :)

  6. orangengreen says:

    Amen to that!

    Good luck in your race, I am running "long" and I am planning to do so with a smile on my face…

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting thought on the planes. I see them all the time too, so I will be sure to remember your mantra next time I see one! Love the family photo. I see a lot of resemblance. Good luck on Sunday!

  8. racingtales says:

    Nice tempo! Have a great, non-windy race tomorrow!

  9. Good luck with your race although it might be over by now. Hope it went well if it is. :) I dream big!

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