This week a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador got me riled up about Anytime Fitness.

Disclosure:{since everyone is doing them!}I have never been obese, but I have been overweight and I have been called fat in the past more times than I care to admit.

Disclosure: I am a Fitfluential Ambassador

Disclosure: I have never heard of Anytime Fitness till now

This particular blogger was outraged by a PR pitch about a book written by the CEO of Anytime Fitness, Chuck Runyon. In the book Chuck says money is allergic to fat people.

She was outraged – blogged about it. Wanted us all to speak out against Anytime and boycott them.

She judged the book by the cover shall we say. Instead of reading a copy of the book before speaking out – she went off the PR pitch [which yes I agree the pitch was terrible]. Maybe she would have felt differently maybe she wouldn’t have if she had taken the time to read the book.

I didn’t think much more about it after that till today.

Anytime Fitness has responded – they will donate $10 to every comment left on MizFit’s blog about the word FAT and how it affects or doesn’t affect people.

The money will be donated to Limbs For Life!!

Some people think this is a PR stunt. I don’t care if it is. It worked. If we can raise money for a great organization just by sharing our opinions – I’m all for it.

CLICK HERE to read/comment on Miz Fit’s blog – comments left on my blog do not count towards the $10 donation!

If you want to read The Anti Jared’s blog where he speaks out about Anytime and defends Chuck Runyon and Anytime Fitness CLICK HERE.

What I have been reminded of in this situation is that we should not be quick to judge. I haven’t read the book and should not have jumped into the conversation about the book/Anytime Fitness. If we are going to judge and form an opinion we should make sure we have all the facts before speaking out. [my two cents]

Do you think Anytime Fitness did this as a PR stunt? Or do they just have a NOT-SO-GREAT PR firm working for them?

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