In life most things can be looked at – as the glass half full – glass half empty OR that there is anything in your glass to begin with that you have the LUXURY of that decision. When I started looking at things in the 3rd way I started feeling more grateful and started complaining […]

Not long ago I wrote a blog post for Women’s Running talking about running and yoga titled, So You Think You’ll Never Be A Runner When I wrote the post I hadn’t yet flown during what is becoming my yoga practice. In trying to do crow I had fallen flat on my face more times than I […]

I recently did the 7 minutes with Sima Hip Openers you tube video and highly recommend it. Sima suggested I try this video out pre or post run. I’ve done it post run and felt a difference the next day! I’m NOT a yogi but I am on my way to feeling more confident when […]

Hi Friends! One of the changes I’m making in 2014 is incorporating yoga into my routine. {I have taken classes on and off for years but nothing consistent and nothing past the beginner level} In 2013 I started doing pilates and spin for the first time, took bootcamp classes, body works classes and even a […]