I really really don’t like dwelling on runs that didn’t go my way. I put them as far out of my head as I can, as fast as I can. Runners have to have a short memory when it comes to some things and a long memory when it comes to others. I don’t like talking […]

1st full week of 2016 training is finished. I’m excited to get serious about training again! Though I don’t love winter training it actually works best with our family schedule right now. My kids don’t have sports on the weekends and overall we “do less” and are at home together more. Because it gets darker earlier, […]

What a difference two weeks can make! When I wrote my last post, I was feeling low. After two doctor’s appointments and a new medication that I’ve been taking for 6 days I’m feeling hopeful. The biggest frustration with not feeling good is that I feel like I’ve been in and out of doctor’s offices […]

I firmly believe in my head and heart that I GET to run rather than HAVE to run, yet I often have to remind myself of this fact. Lately running has felt like something I have to do instead of something that I make time for because I enjoy it. At night I always go […]

I made it through day one of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on. This is a victory in my book. It’s a struggle for me not to eat certain foods I am drawn too and certainly a struggle to not have caffeine of any kind. Yesterdays food consisted of: Dried Peaches Fresh […]

On tap for yesterday was an 8 mile easy run. Easy is usually used to describe a run that is either easy because of pace {slower} or distance {shorter} or both. In terms of what is actually easy for each individual the varies in pace and distance. Using EASY with the word run can be misleading […]

8 warmer miles this morning: Mile 1: 8:22 Mile 2: 8:07 Mile 3: 7:56 Mile 4: 7:44 Mile 5: 7:52 Mile 6: 7:47 Mile 7: 7:20 Mile 8: 7:18 I’m not training for anything in particular right now but it’s still a VERY good idea to mix up the paces on my runs. If you have the […]

My birthday run on the 11th kicked off a week of early morning running. I am more determined than ever to make it a habit to wake up early and run. Finishing my run under the light of the stars means a couple {okay more than a couple} of things. 1. I’m not stressing about when I am […]

How do you figure out what pace you should train at? From the 5K distance up to the marathon – it’s not easy to know what the optimal training paces are with out help from someone with experience. My go to site for figuring out what pace I should train at is the McMillan Running […]