Many moons ago I would set up a training plan for myself and actually follow it. This hasn’t happened in awhile. I train but don’t train. I throw in a tempo here and there – whenever I feel like it. I race when it moves me, and run however far – fast – or slow – […]

B & A Marathon is not so far off. I’m back up to speed with the long runs but not with mileage or speed work. I’m not too concerned with mileage this training cycle, because frankly I just don’t feel like running 70+ miles a week right now. When it warms up maybe this will […]

I coach myself each training cycle. I am my easiest client because I don’t really have a set in stone training plan. I found early on in running that having a laid out plan before me does not motivate me – in fact it does quite the opposite. I stress the night before about the […]