Target Run Fast Shirt

Chloe and I spotted this fun little shirt at Target today in the girls running section. I love it so much that there is running specific gear for little girls now. It was not so long ago that many did not consider running a sport or something that could possibly even warrant a section in a […]

dorothy beal MCM 12

NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY. I’ve repeated this little nugget of wisdom to myself and countless other runners. Race day is not the day that you want to have a variable that could cause you unknown stress or make matters worse. You want everything that you can control to be controlled. There are VERY few companies […]

Running USA

Each year Running USA surveys runners just like you and I to gather up to date information and develop stats on the state of running in the USA. If you want your voice to be heard and would like to be a part of this year’s survey click on this link to be taken to […]


I’m a giant nail polish geek, owning more shades than I could possibly wear in a month. This morning at Target it took all of my *I’m not spending any money on things I don’t need* will power to not buy all of the new limited edition colors from Essie with fitness inspired names. Never […]