Littles: Moooooommmmy – can we buy some more bandaids. Me: I will buy them just this once, but band-aids are a waste of money, they don’t help things heal. Littles: Ummm ok. Can we get the spiderman ones? Me: Yes {thinks to self that I’m throwing $2 away again on bandaids that will get placed all […]

As someone who for the majority of her life considered herself un-athletic there were two things sporty that I grew to love and felt like I was decent at. Running and core work. Core work doesn’t really qualify as a sport, and to some running doesn’t either….but either way this was mostly the extent of […]

I decided to join a gym after 6 months of talking about it. Taking a spin class was first on my list of things I wanted to do at said gym. Joining a gym is an easy thing to do. Walk in, sign up, pay the money and you have a membership. It wasn’t easy […]

B & A Marathon is not so far off. I’m back up to speed with the long runs but not with mileage or speed work. I’m not too concerned with mileage this training cycle, because frankly I just don’t feel like running 70+ miles a week right now. When it warms up maybe this will […]

Saturday morning I felt chilly in my bed. It must be REALLY cold outside. Eric typically heads to Starbucks alone for his coffee before I start my long run. It’s a 15 minute calm before the storm of watching three kids. This Saturday the littles all wanted to go with him and I didn’t want to […]