The littles are home again, this time from an ice storm rather than a snow storm. I love how beautiful ice makes everything look, but it is really destructive. I swear I have spent a good portion of the winter outside trying to get snow and ice off the bending bushes in our backyard. I […]

Day 2 of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on was MUCH easier than day 1. I’m not feeling sorry for myself anymore. Today it seems fun to really know what it feels like to feel good from the inside out. My energy levels are up. I took day two off and didn’t […]

10 months ago I decided I HAD to figure out what was going on with my body. I was sick of how I felt and knew I needed to make a change. I started visiting dr.’s for various different issues. Some doctors were great, some were less than great. Some made me cry some didn’t. […]