A mini adventure with the kids yesterday at the Rust Nature Sanctuary.     Mile Posts Blog is on: Mile Posts on twitter – @mileposts Mile Posts on pinterest – http://pinterest.com/mileposts/ Mile Posts on facebook – http://www.facebook.com/irunthisbody – if you enjoy Mile Posts on facebook suggest the page to your friends! Mile Posts on instagram […]

I was delighted to be asked by BlogHer to share this episode of Weelicious Lunch Crunch sponsored by Odwalla Fruit Smoothies For Kids with my readers. Enjoy!

Being honest is something I take pride in. It gets me in trouble often, but I am not a people pleaser. In fact quite the opposite. I feel like a real friend tells it like it is. That people value honesty. They do to a certain point……. The older I get the more I try […]

I’m trying to look on the bright side or find something positive about this day but it’s straight misery when you have two kids sick……actually it could be worse….it could be all three – right? ugh. READY.for.this.day.to.be.over Sick Baby #1   Sick Baby #2   Please let tomorrow be better. Please let tomorrow be better. Please […]