I love your comments, tweets and facebook messages. They lift me up and help me DREAM BIGGER in running and life. They make me want more – to live a life I can’t even imagine. I feel blessed to have YOU supporting me. When I feel doubt in my mind I often draw from a […]

10/01/00 is the date I ran my first race. It was a 10K and my average for the 6.2 miles was 10:44 per mile with a finish time of 1:06:42. That was giving it all I had. I am not blessed with a natural running talent. I don’t consider myself athletic. What I learned long […]

One of my favorite running bloggers asked me in 2011 if I had any desire to run NYC Marathon. I told her no. Yes but no. One year I ran the last 10 miles of the course with my mom to meet my uncle at the finish, another year I ran in an old cross country […]