Feb 1

The littles are home again, this time from an ice storm rather than a snow storm. I love how beautiful ice makes everything look, but it is really destructive. I swear I have spent a good portion of the winter outside trying to get snow and ice off the bending bushes in our backyard. I […]

Kids jan

I made it through day one of the allergy elimination diet my allergist put me on. This is a victory in my book. It’s a struggle for me not to eat certain foods I am drawn too and certainly a struggle to not have caffeine of any kind. Yesterdays food consisted of: Dried Peaches Fresh […]

Chloe Run 1

For the past 7 years Chloe and I have been going on stroller runs together. Two weekends ago after a failed attempt at a treadmill long run {9 miles} I hoped off and asked Chloe if she wanted to go outside with me for the rest of my run. We shared 6 miles together – […]

9 - 3 - 13

Many moons ago I would set up a training plan for myself and actually follow it. This hasn’t happened in awhile. I train but don’t train. I throw in a tempo here and there – whenever I feel like it. I race when it moves me, and run however far – fast – or slow – […]

Another Mother Runner

I had the pleasure of chatting with the ladies of Another Mother Runner recently. If you have 30 minutes or so to spare and want to download and listen to me ramble on about stroller running, how I train intuitively, what was my favorite marathon, what races I have planned for the fall and other […]

Jan 23 1

The first step to any marathon training program is figuring out the long run situation. I write down the date of the race and work backwards. 10 – 12 –  one week out 16 – two weeks out 20 – 24 – three weeks out I know the week before my longest long run I like […]

Jan 22 1

I know in order to recover properly and keep doing this marathon thing year after year I have to rest. I enjoy rest and I hate rest. After a marathon I usually take a week off from running or working out. I’m typically in pretty good shape physically post marathon so sliding into my jeans […]


Growing up I had what seemed to be the perfect family. Two loving parents, three siblings, a dog and a nice house. We were the perfect American dream. It was a shock, yet not a shock when my parents split up after 20 years of marriage. I’ve spent a good portion of the past 10 […]

W & OD 1

How oh how have 6 years of my life gone by this fast? It seems like forever ago I found out I was expecting a little person in my life yet it seems like just yesterday she was born. Last night as I felt some life growing pains of my own, my dearest friend Claire […]


Last Thursday little people and I decided to head the other direction on the trail near our house. The first little bit was downhill which is exactly why I hadn’t wanted to run on it. Downhill in the first part meant that it was going to be straight uphill on the last little bit home. […]

Leesburg Stroller Run 2

Sunday I ran 6 miles with baby C on the section of the W & OD we now live off of, so I knew what I was in for this morning. The first 2 miles were going to be mostly uphill with only a couple of little bits that were either flat or a tiny […]


I just put little person #1 on the bus for her last day of Kindergarten. I officially become a mom of a soon-to-be 1st grader this afternoon. How am I this old? Where did the time go? I’m not sure how 5+ years have passed since she was born. It seems like a life time ago, […]


to  me…. Before B & A Marathon 2010 I was a mommy of two. I was training hard to achieve my goal of going sub 3:30 in the marathon. It was not easy. I had to do most of my training on the treadmill, but I was more than determined to realize my dreams. I was […]

Circle Of Love

Before my 20 miler on Saturday I looked up what I did for my last 20 miler before B & A in 2010. I looked this up on my blog……my blog helps me remember things….moments……so I am introducing a new weekly post. THINGS THAT MADE ME HAPPY Tuesday – it will be filled with random […]

4 weeks out from B & A Marathon

It’s not even Friday and it’s sad to say but I’m ready for this week to be over. I’m worn out. Tired. Stressed. Feeling overwhelmed. Run Down. I’m behind on emails, blogging, reviews, you name it. If you are one of those people I owe an email or a call to – this is my […]

26.2 Baby Names

Are you a runner? Want to find the perfect baby name that pays homage to the sport you love? Here are 26.2 suggestions of names related to running. Mile 1: Miles [Marine Corps Marathon mascot] Mile 2: Dash Mile 3: Cadence Mile 4: Chase Mile 5: Molly [Molly Huddle – US  5000m record holder & […]

24 Miles

I repeated this over and over to myself on my run yesterday. I had been dreading my long run. 5 weeks out from B & A Trail Marathon I knew that I wanted to do my longest and slowest long run of this training cycle. The only other person who typically runs my pace and […]

I can see the house I grew up in from Chloe's school - it makes me happy!

Yesterday my alarm went off before 6 am – after hitting snooze a couple of times I dragged myself out of bed. Luckily both boys stayed sleeping while I got Chloe dressed, fed and ready for school. After getting Chloe on the bus Miles woke up. I got him dressed, fed and ready for pre-school. […]

Snez 1

Growing up the one sentence I heard the most from both my mother and father was – I love you. When we woke up they said it, when we left for school they said it, when we went to a friends house, when we called them on the phone, or just were going outside to […]


There is something about a long run that I love and hate all at the same time. When I don’t HAVE to do long runs. I MISS them. I find the distance intimidating yet exhilarating. December is usually a blah month for me. It sounds crazy since it’s a time for celebration, but the post […]