How is it already the 9th of July? It feels like 2014 just started and now it’s more than half over!! If you are looking for some new songs to add to your fall/winter marathon training playlist here are the top 10 from RunHundred for July! This month’s top 10 list plays host to an […]

Run Washington Photo 1

A couple of months ago I found out I had won an award for my twitter feed in the Best of RunWashington awards. The editor emailed me for pictures and when I sent back nothing usable he asked if he could schedule a photo shoot for me. The photographer arrived to my house on a sunny […]

Boston 2014 2

My sincere apologies for taking so long to pick a cadet and for the delay in getting this post up. I wanted to read through every single comment and really think about who I was picking for this adventure. There were so many amazing stories and I have a list a page long of women […]

Essie Silver Platter

One of the quirky little things I like to do before races is to make sure my nails are painted and that my hair is straight. I will literally get up an extra 15 minutes early to flat iron my hair. Ditto with going to bed late to make sure even my toes are painted […]

518 My first marathon - MCM '03

Reading through the entries for the Saucony 26Strong marathon team has been amazing. Literally, I wish I could pick all of you, or have a blog post monthly where you all shared these types of stories – it’s so motivating and inspiring to me. I don’t love the word INSPIRE as silly as that sounds. […]

March 1

In a world that doesn’t often make sense I’d like the weather to – I know – I know – there are bigger issues. It’s been REALLY nice all week and now we are supposed to see a 30 degree temperature drop in one day. I can’t handle this – please get it together mother nature – […]

Tess 1

In a recent post I shared a video of my friend Tess at her last marathon, Chicago Marathon. Today she is the featured runner on I RUN THIS BLOG. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet – what are you waiting for?! Hope you like her as much as I do! Name: Tess Rafferty Age: […]

530 Chicago Marathon 2004    www_mile-posts_blogspot_com

There are people who run and people who are runners. There are runners who run only to run. There are runners that the simple act of running brings them such immense joy that it no longer is just a run. It’s so much more. For those that don’t know this type of love, they will […]

MCM Clothing 1

The weather will be near perfect for a marathon tomorrow. Not too hot, not too cold. There may be some points along the course that are breezy or downright windy, they always are, but other than that it should be a beautiful day for a marathon around our Nations Capital. I’ve made the mistake many a […]


On the outside it appears as if I have it together or maybe it doesn’t and I’m fooling myself in to thinking it appears that way. Today I do not have it together. I have a very bad habit of looking at the BIG picture and feeling overwhelmed. The BIG picture could apply to something […]


I have carried my own water in almost all of my marathons. When I first started running I wore a water belt, because I thought that is what you did in order to look like a real runner, not because it was comfortable. Once I felt like a so-called-real-runner – I ditched the belt and […]

Ironman Kona 1

My life has this funny way of working out. It’s not that my life is perfect. I have my fair share of crap, I just try to keep it {mostly} off this blog, and dwell on the positive. When I sit down and dwell on everything good that has happened in my life, it’s hard […]

Kara Goucher 2

I literally just got off the phone with Kara Goucher and I’m smiling from ear to ear. Pinch me. Did that really just happen? Kara is in Nashville this weekend for the Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon. She had a few moments to spare before a shake out run with around 400 Nissan employees {who […]


Today I ran for only the 4th time since marathon #24. 4 easy treadmill miles. My 1st run back was an easy 3, followed by an easy 4 the next day. Saturday I ran 6 miles outside. I needed to feel like a runner again and feel the fresh air in my lungs. I needed […]

Treadmill Ultra 3

Two weekends ago I was supposed to run 20 miles on Saturday and race a 5K Sunday. The run didn’t happen on Saturday. I didn’t run when I first woke up and I kept putting it off. Then I came up with a million and one reasons why it was everyone’s fault but my own as to […]

Vegas 2012 1

I get mind blocks. My mom once went a year with out cleaning her car because she had a block about it. I get it. I get those type of mind blocks and no matter how hard it is to overcome them sometimes I can’t. I get mini blocks about writing race recaps. I don’t […]

Marine Corps Marathon 2012 Cert

It’s been three weeks since Marathon #21. A LOT has happened since then – including the wonderfully painful Marathon #22. I don’t want to forget #21 mostly because I was happy, really happy. So here I sit, a in a state of self induced force, writing my own words down so years from now #21 doesn’t mesh together […]


My goal for Richmond Marathon was to do nothing other than run the day. I would arrive to the start with the mindset of wanting to run under 3:30 and if my legs still had any speed in them I would try to drop down and run faster than MCM. Running the day meant that […]

Reston 10 Miler

A new marathon and half marathon is coming to Reston, Virginia! The Reston Marathon and Half Marathon will take place on March 24th, 2013. Race Information: Start: South Lakes High School, Reston VA Marathon Start Time: 7:30 am Half Marathon Start Time: 8:00 am Race website: Questions: email Registration opened this past Sunday […]


Melissa Romero from the Washingtonian recently posed this question to me. It took all of 5 minutes for me to respond to her with my admition that I do *race hair* before a big race. The admission ended with me laughing to myself over how silly it seemed that I do this before races. Silly […]

i run this body

  I wish the story that I am about to tell you was all butterflies and rainbows – it’s not. I wish that I was able to tell you that after months of DREAMING and training that I had the best day of my life – I won’t. What this recap will say is that […]

my biggest fan

I write and re-write blogs posts in my head every day. Sometimes I get a chance to type them up – others are lost forever because I can not find the time to put the words down. Still others I start remain drafts for various reasons. Yesterday in the car I started this post. I […]

One of my favorite Christmas presents. Dream Big, Run Long bracelets from my sister!

Prior to Columbus Marathon I put it out there that I had BIG DREAMS of one day running a 3:10 marathon. When I decided on that DREAM I didn’t think I could or would even come close to it for a VERY LONG time – it seemed like a BIG DREAM [and a huge goal]. Then decided to go […]


It seems I wait all year for Christmas and then it’s over before I know it. The decorations around the house have been put away but I can’t seem to let go of the tree yet. Hubby brought up the boxes this morning so I think that is his hint that it’s time, but I […]


There is something about a long run that I love and hate all at the same time. When I don’t HAVE to do long runs. I MISS them. I find the distance intimidating yet exhilarating. December is usually a blah month for me. It sounds crazy since it’s a time for celebration, but the post […]